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I Dressed According to Tarot Cards for a Week

Here’s what I ended up wearing.
The tarot is typically a pack of playing cards originating in the 15th century Europe used for games like the French jeu de tarot, a trick-taking strategy game, and the Italian tarocchini, a similar game from the 17th century. Later in the

How to Get Dressed Faster in the Morning

We've got major time-saving hacks!
We're all familiar with the chaos of dressing up in the morning. More often than not, this process takes so much of our routine. Avoid the AM mayhem by following our time-saving tips below.1. Organize your closet.When your space is neat and

How To Dress Up Like You Own The Club

Heading to Disclosure's DJ set tomorrow? We've got three looks you can pull off!
The party scene these days allow you to dress up based on personality and not just because the place dictates a specific look. With that in mind, we put together three looks that make you look like you own the damn place.

23 Breezy Party Dresses

Heading to a summer party anytime soon? We've got all the perfect dresses for you!
On days when we’re too lazy to think of outfit, our go-to pieces are usually dresses—they don’t require for you to add a lot more to it, just a few accessories and you’re definitely good to go. Since summer is all about

7 Reasons Why You Should Give A Damn About Appearance

Dressing up can change your life, and that's a fact.
You do it all the time. You see someone walk in a formal affair wearing shorts and flip flops and more than feeling aghast, you feel offended, too (even if you’re not the host). Judging someone based on what they’re wearing may

On Rotation: An Easy Guide To Mixing And Matching

Learn to create five chic outfits from just 11 fashion pieces!
Dressing up with a limited number of pieces for either work or our social activities can be a bit tricky, frustrating, and tough! We all have those “What do I wear now?” moments once in a while and so, to remedy that,