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10 Fresh-Smelling Perfumes That Celebrities Love to Wear Every Day

You can't go wrong with these celebs' signature scents!
Regardless of your taste in scents, you should have at least one bottle that will guarantee you a fresh-smelling spritz. It's for your future self's own good—after all, you won't always have time to sift through everything in your collection. Celebrities are

Laureen Uy Shares the Shocking Story Behind Her Worst Acne Breakout

The blogger was unknowingly using steroid cream on her face for years.
Many of us have had our fair share of quarantine breakouts, but for Laureen Uy, her bout with acne during the lockdown wasn't just from maskne and stress.The fashion blogger opened up about her worst breakout to date on her social media, revealing

You Have to See Dr. Aivee Teo's African Safari Vacation OOTDs

Her kids looked adorable in their matching outfits, too!
The idea of jetting off to a tantalizingly exotic week on the African safari gets more and more appealing every single minute, and Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo is only fueling our daydreams further. Apart from getting to see God's greatest creatures up close, in

LOTD: You Have to See Dr. Aivee Teo's Swan-Inspired Gown

Feathers are a girl's best friend, apparently.
A collective childhood dream: to prance around in a feathered tutu to the tune of Swan Lake. We're not little girls anymore, but even ladies can wish on stars—Dr. Aivee Teo's got proof that grownups can definitely play Odette.This simultaneously sleek and

How to Conceal a Bad Tattoo

Experts weigh in on your best options.
So you’re there. You’ve decided that you finally want to get inked only to realize a couple of months later that you had a lapse in judgement. How do you fix it? For the brave, there’s always the option of having another,

Kathryn Bernardo Is Bringing Sexy Back

Ooh, somebody’s bringing sexy back—quite literally. We stumbled upon Kathryn Bernardo’s bare back, one Instagram post after another and there’s something appropriately attractive about it. And though her ensembles are undoubtedly a major plus in our books, surely the Teen Queen knows