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Topshop, Topman Are Closing Down All Their Stores in the Philippines Soon

The closure also includes Dorothy Perkins and Burton.
In November 2020, it was announced that British multinational company Arcadia Group, the parent company behind Topshop and other globally recognized retail brands, has collapsed into administration and the company was declared insolvent.Today, February 15, a representative from Topshop's franchise holder in the Philippines confirmed that

FYI: Celebrities and Influencers are Cozying Up in Tie-Dye

Here’s where to shop the look online.
Before you knock back tie-dye as just the art project you did when you were a kid, allow me to discuss its current merits that make it ripe for the picking in the year 2020. You’ll find that between the runways, social

12 Outfits To Wear This Christmas

On the Nth day of Christmas, she wore what?
December signals an avalanche of reunions and parties scheduled too close to one another. Being the social butterflies that we are, we try our best to make it to every single one—even if it’s just for a quick hello and a glass

Emma Stone's Most Notable On-screen Looks

Here's how you, too, can score an easy A in the style department.
We could go on all day talking about the reasons why we love Emma Stone. We mean, come on, you don’t think she became a Hollywood sweetheart for nothing, do you? She’s goofy, she has the funniest gifs online, and the girl

Halloween Hair Candies

In need of instant costume? Don't panic and head straight to the hair department.
If you haven't been able to prepare a spooky outfit that’s going to win you the award for best costume of the night, don't worry, we’re not here to judge. In fact, we’re here to help. A last-minute Halloween costume is better

The 5 Style Lessons We Learned From Bella Thorne

Here's how you can score an A+ in the style department just like this pretty redhead.
You probably first heard of this redhead’s name as a child star on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. She was just 13 years old when she got her first big break, but Bella Thorne has proven to be more than just a

15 Cool Culottes That Will Upgrade Your Style Game

Add some flair to your wardrobe with this season's coolest must-have!
You already got schooled on what’s cool, so now it’s your turn to try this trend that our celebrities are currently mad about─ the culottes! Whether you want them in plain solids or printed patterns ending mid-calf and normally cut wide, consider

Celebrity Style: Gwen Stefani's Wardrobe Essentials

‘Coz she ain't no hollaback girl.
If you’re an avid follower of the US-based reality singing competition, The Voice, then you’re probably as ecstatic as we are about the new blondie currently sitting pretty on the red chair. No, we’re neither talking about Christina Aguilera nor Shakira. If you haven’t

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Sole Stunners

Give your mom something white to brag about.
This weekend, why not treat your mom to a trip to the nail salon? Nothing beats bonding over a good old foot spa, and once you’re done, you can surprise her with a footwear of her choice (now that’s a cherry on

Zodiac Style: Pisces

Take the fashion plunge and swim in style inspired by your Zodiac sign.
Pisces girls are known to be the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs. They have torrents of empathy, creativity, and ambition all jumbled up in one big waterfall. Everyone born between February 19 and March 20 are known to have soft

Chevron: The New Stripe

Get a dose of the hottest print this season.
It’s time to put a twist to your average stripe-y ordeal because another linear hybrid just invaded the fashion scene: the chevron print. From thick giant patterns to thin and cutesy versions, this print has glamour practically written all over it. Bold

Ask An Editor: Plus-size Fashion

Associate Fashion Editor Kabbie Rodriguez Alipio shares the go-to places for stylish pieces for full-figured women.
Q: I always get frustrated when shopping for clothes. Most stores seem to not have my size! Where can I find on trend items for plus-size women?A: First off, I love the fact that you actually like to dress up and celebrate

Ready, Set, Splurge!

Start the year shop-smart by keeping tabs on the month's hottest sales.
One of the best things about New Year will always be the massive end-of-season sales. Just like any fashion mission, it's best to have a game plan and a target in mind. So kick off your stilettos and arm yourself with five

Dp Keeps Up With The Kardashians

Dorothy Perkins launches a collection by Hollywood’s most photographed sisters.
If keeping up with the Kardashians is your thing, well, that means keeping up with their fashion sensibilities. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe bring their glitz-and-glamour kind of dressing closer by launching a capsule collection with U.K. high street label Dorothy Perkins.The Kardashian Kollection

Work Wear Diaries: Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc.

The young urbanites stay hip wearing their favorite British high street brands.
This week’s style-loving stars of Work Wear Diaries are a fresh breed of young urbanites who fancy colors aplenty, as opposed to the neutral palette of the corporate world. The girls of Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc. (RSSI) are certainly not amateurs, though,