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11 Irresistible Pairs to Shop for Your Chunky Shoe Obsession

The status of our carts? Full.
So, we heard you like chunky shoes. If you're anything like us, you're probably head-over-heels in love with that heinous, uneasy feeling you get when you realize that you actually want that meme-able pair of gargantuan clogs. Call clunky stompers ugly if

Dr. Martens Is Releasing a Hello Kitty Collection

A match made in '90s kids' heaven!
Hello Kitty fans, we know you'll drop everything and run to cop the latest products featuring your fave cartoon cat whether it be leather bags, quirky backpacks, or graphic tees. Well, ready your wallets because we found something that'll surely get you

4 of the World’s Most Iconic Ladies Shoes

These pairs have stood the test of time.
They say the shoe maketh the man, but let's tweak that from a fashion girl's point of view: the shoe maketh the outfit. Throughout history, humanity has been blessed with hundreds of classic soles, but there are four in particular that have

Design Your Own Boot With The New Dr. Martens App

Customize and get the chance to win a bespoke pair from Dr. Martens.
You’re all familiar with the 1460 boot silhouette, right? Now, think this—you get to design (yes, customize!) your own pair and get the chance to be one of the two people to take home a bespoke pair! Do we have your attention

10 Most Iconic Shoes That We Love

Here's a list of statement footwear that we went gaga for through the years.
Trends come and go, but there are some that stay for decades and become iconic pieces. Considered as the most important accessory to any outfit, shoes have been and will always be a girl’s best friend—it’s way cheaper than diamonds, and can


Doc Martens' new campaign and recent exhibit encourages you to stand for something.
Doc Martens has always been known for campaigns that stand out and call out. Its holiday campaign celebrates free-thinking individuals and the things they stand up for. Hence, they are encouraging its patrons to do the same—to stand up for something. After

The Doc Is In!

Dr. Martens lands in Manila shores!
Dr. Martens first came on the scene in the '90s when they became the preferred footwear of the grunge movement. When the plaid shirts and scruffy jeans skipped town, we started seeing less and less of the formidable boots. They've been making