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6 Most Powerful Editors That Have Made an Impact in Fashion

They have changed the landscape of fashion.
People come and people go—especially in the fashion industry where names are born and then, later on, left to wilt and die. The glossies have proven to be significant factors in sculpting the landscape of fashion. Their pages are where ideas, criticisms,

Diana Vreeland's Facebook Hacked

Of hacks and life hacks.
Looks like Diana Vreeland's official Facebook page has been hacked.Once filled with timeless posts related to the fashion icon, the page is now littered with life hacks, nail art, and hair and makeup tips. Several of the page's followers have begun to

The Forgotten Queen Of Cool

We remember Lauren Bacall, one of Hollywood's greats, as we look back at her most iconic looks.
Following the news of Lauren Becall’s passing, some of the most moving tweets were the ones that chose to remember her as a fashion icon. Those perfectly coiffed waves and unbuttoned shirts tucked into high-waisted skirts, made her, perhaps, the quintessence of

Diana Vreeland Comes Alive In Full Gallop

Cherie Gil gives life to the iconic fashion editor as she performs in a one-woman play. Plus! Check out who attended the gala show.
Full Gallop—a one-woman play starring Ms. Cherie Gil—brought to life the iconic fashion editor Diana Vreeland as it launched last week with a press preview and the gala show. It was witty, very entertaining, and enriching all at the same time with Cherie giving a

Cherie Gil Is Diana Vreeland

The distinguished actress portrays fashion's grand dame in a one-woman play.
Who is Diana Vreeland? Well, before Anna Wintour, heck, before fashion editors became big personalities and influencers, there was the French fashion doyenne, Diana Vreeland—self-made and an inveterate tastemaker. She was at the center of American style for five long decades, whose

Rajo Laurel: Vreeland

The well-known fashion editor is this season's source of inspiration for Rajo's Holiday 2013 collection.
It’s no secret how much we look forward to Rajo Laurel’s new collection every season and his recent release surely did not disappoint. Drawing inspiration from one of the women who changed the fashion industry, he created a collection that is vibrant,