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7 IG-Worthy Strawberry Desserts That Are Perfect for Summer

These taste as great as they look!
Summer spells a lot of things, like R&R-ing at the beach and the (occasionally) overbearing heat included, but it’s also practically synonymous with all things strawberry! The fruit in itself is always a treat with its tart, juicy character—but turn it into

Frankie's New York Cheesecake Is Now Available as Ice Cream

Cheesecake ice cream, anyone?
You go to Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings for their buffalo wings (duh!) and often, after indulging in your favorite savory chicken wings, a slice of their New York Cheesecake hits the spot. If you're a fan of this decadent dessert, Frankie's collaborated

This Dairy-Free Apple Pie Ice Cream Will Leave You Wanting More

Powered by oat milk, and available for a limited time only!
It may be colder out now that December is in full swing, but there's really nothing stopping you from digging into a scoop (or two) of your favorite ice cream—heck, some would argue that it's even better in the chilly weather! What's

Here Are 13 of the Most IG-Worthy Desserts to Try This Holiday Season

A grand chocolate-hazelnut cake, puto bumbong ice cream, and more!
Christmas, as they say, is a time for giving and sharing… But for the sugar fiends out there, it’s also the most wonderful time of the year to indulge in all things sweet! We’re approaching the end of the year, after all,

Here's Where You Can Get a Honeycomb Kit Inspired by "Squid Game"

So you can pretend you're a player, minus the scary feelings!
Netflix series Squid Game has gotten everyone hooked, and you know what usually happens after you watch a particularly interesting show: You start looking for merch! The Korean show features so many iconic items—suddenly everyone wants those green tracksuits and a creepy

The Best Hot Chocolate for a Decadent Mug at Home

You can order these online.
Davao-based Malagos Chocolate needs no introduction, being one of the best-known Filipino tree-to-bar chocolate brands—and their 100% Premium Unsweetened Chocolate (P475/200 grams) is a must-try. This multipurpose chocolate comes as hexagonal discs that you can mix with milk and your desired amount

13 Underrated Shops to Try for Your Next Ice Cream Craving

How about trying flavors like Muscovado + Bacon or Soy Sauce Kasuy?
You probably already have your go-to ice cream spots by now, but it's always a good thing to try something new. Who knows, you might also be missing out on other under-the-radar shops with their own great versions of the dessert. Go

This "Tsunami Cake" Is the New Instagrammable Dessert You Should Try

You need to see how that thick mascarpone cream cascades down.
Most cakes are great as they are—you take them out of the box, slice yourself a serving, and sigh with pleasure at first bite—but other cakes take their appeal further by getting you involved. On top of eating it, that is. One

Yes, Giant Choc Nut Cake Exists And Even Trese's Nuno Would Go Nuts

Yeah, you're going to need quality tea to trade for this one.
Aside from being in awe at the amazing talent of Filipino artists and excited to see Filipino mythology in a modern light, there's one more thing Trese had us feeling—and that's craving Choc Nut, real bad. ICYMI, the distinctly Filipino chocolate-peanut confection was featured in the show as a way