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10 Cute Outfits to Try for Different Date Destinations

Our first and best tip: Dress for yourself and the rest will follow!
What we love about going on dates is picking the outfit that we'll feel cute in. There are several factors to consider: Aside from our mood that day, we also have to see the kind of date we'll have: Is it chill

Here's What Sandara Park and Nam Joo Hyuk Would Wear on a Date

If you've ever daydreamed about your own K-drama scenario...
Korean celebrities seem to have it all figured out when it comes to their personal style. So at yesterday's Penshoppe Fan Con with Sandara Park and Nam Joo Hyuk, Preview did not miss the chance to ask them for some fashion advice. Ever

Valentine’s Day OOTDs for Every Relationship Status

You can dress up with or without a beau.
Happy first of February! Today marks the beginning of the love month, and that should mean a celebration of all kinds of love. In our case, it’s love for fashion. Duh. To further spread love in the air, we put together three

Joseph Gordon-levitt And Emma Watson Are Dating!

In our dreams, that is. We dress up Hollywood's latest pairing for their future dates just because they look so good together!
Whoever thought of pairing Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson on the Oscars 2014 stage is a freaking genius. Sparks were totally flying all over! If trending on Twitter worldwide wasn't enough to convince you to agree with this team up, well, maybe

Date Outfit Idea: Toni Gonzaga's Lbd + Pumps Combo

Take cues from Piolo Pascual's leading lady on how to rock a simple LBD.
It all started with a defeaning "I love you, Piolo!" scream in a soda commercial ages ago, and now, Toni Gonzaga's career is on an all-time high. From hosting big shows to starring in blockbuster movies, she's now topbilling Star Cinema's Valentine's Day

Three Date Outfits For Valentine's Day

May it be a date with yourself, your besties, or your beau, we've got the perfect look for you!
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner—this coming Friday to be exact—and we can’t help but put together three date outfits that you can pull off for a little confidence boost on Heart’s Day. May it be a dinner date with your