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How to Style Crop Tops, Depending on Which Body Part You Want to Flaunt

It all comes down to figuring out the best ways to style this trendy piece that best serves your physical features.
Many would think that crop tops only serve a certain body type, but it's actually a versatile piece that can be worn by anyone, regardless of size or shape. It all comes down to figuring out the best ways to style a crop top that

How to Wear a Cropped Top the Sophisticated Way

Always classy, never trashy.
Oh, crop tops. Your sister loves to steal them, your dad wishes you didn’t wear them, and your grandma raises her tattooed eyebrows at the sight of an exposed belly button. But as long as the Manila weather continues to burn up,

Cropped Tops are All Taylor Swift Likes to Wear

And high-waisted skirts.
Taylor Swift wears the same outfits for two years.The 'Blank Space' hitmaker - who is known for her fabulous sense of style - has admitted once she chooses a type of outfit she loves, she has to wear variations of it for

Hot Now: Embellished Tops

Check out the micro-trend that throws cropped counterparts out the game.
Cropped tops might have been the summer’s hottest trend but we’re cooling things down with sparkles as May comes to a fast close. Spotted on the red carpet at Cannes and all over Pairs for TV’s biggest wedding, embellished tops bulldoze its

Broke Girl's Guide To A Stylish Summer

Because a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
School’s out and so is your allowance. Your closet is stuffed with chunky knits, tights, and boots from last season's shopping spree, thanks to your impulsive shopping tendencies. Summer is now in full swing and as much as you'd like to max

Trendspotting At The Preview Ball

We want to know if you're willing to try the night's biggest trend.
Time went by so quickly, and just like that #PreviewBall2013 is over. We’ve picked out the top 20 dancing shoes and the best hair and makeup, and now, of course, we’re focusing on the fashion. It’s no news that croptops are everywhere so

Shopping Guide: Cream Of The Crop

This summer, the only accessory you really need is a toned midriff.
Get off your couches, ladies, because it's time for some crunches! When the summer heat beckons, it's not uncommon seeing people flock to the nearest gym to rid the last of their wobbly bits (probably left over from the holidays), and with

Personal Stylist: Cropped Top And Skirt

We give you five ways to wear the belly baring cropped top.
Ladies, if you’ve been thinking about a little ab maintenance, then now is the best time to start. Gone are the days when glimpsing slices of bare midriff were restricted to sandy shores. From the runways to our favourite fashionphiles, we’ve been

Trendspotting: Cropped Tops

Take cue from these ladies when it comes to showing off a little bit of skin!
There's a new kind of sexy that Manila's stylish ladies are subscribing to and it's a throwback to the '70s and '80s.  First they toyed with showing more through sheer fabrics. Now the girls are getting ahead of the game by showing