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Move Over, Lounge Bras: Corsets Are the Next Big Pambahay Trend

These celebrities are getting a head start!
We recently reported that lounge bras are what celebrities have been living in at home (and understandably so—they’re just so comfy!), but it looks like this trend will soon be dethroned by something not associated with comfort: the corset.We first spotted KC

How to Wear a Corset (Over Your Clothes, Not Under!)

Cinch it!
The corset belt has wound its way into our hearts via Prada's sailor-savvy Fall-Winter 2016 collection—those white lace-up cinchers are definitely top priority on our holiday wish lists! Still, covetable as they are, corsets have had a long and difficult tussle with

SEE: Kim K and Jessica Alba's Unbelievable Body Shaping Secret

More hardcore than Spanx.
From the Kardashian sisters to Jessica Alba, Hollywood’s leading ladies have all turned to the old-fashioned way of getting that itty-bitty waist: corsets. But while Alba claims it isn’t for everyone, Style Bible talked to designer, milliner and now corsetmaker Mich Dulce as she

Trendspotting: Nude Bodysuit

Anne, Solenn, Divine, and Ingrid prove that inner wear can really be outer wear!
Style Bible's been spotting women working inner wear as outer wear along with the burst of everything romantic and feminine like lace. Now nude corsets and bodysuits seem to be a top choice for certain fashionable women!We've spotted a couple of ladies

The Bride Wore: Mich Dulce

Manila's premier corsetaire and milliner gives us the deets on having her design your wedding ensemble.
Designer, corsetaire, and milliner extraordinaire Mich Dulce likes her women decisive. That is, she wants her brides to know exactly what they want.The style and feel they want for their bridal gown should already be percolating in their minds when they see