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PSA: ColourPop Just Released the Prettiest Eyeshadow Quads for Each Zodiac Sign

Shop shades with names like "Never Taurus Apart" and "Like a Virgo".
Hello there! Yup, you read the headline right: ColourPop is back with another collection, and this time, it's astrology-themed and it's dedicated to all 12 zodiac signs. The eyeshadow quads' shades are influenced by the four zodiac elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and

Colourpop's Lizzie McGuire Collection Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Every product looks straight out of the 2000s!
Few things encapsulate the culture of early 2000s like hit Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, which premiered in 2001 and starred aughts icon Hilary Duff. Lizzie, whose misadventures we watched for two seasons and a movie, was the embodiment of '00s fashion,

Colourpop Is Launching an "Animal Crossing" Makeup Collection and We Want Everything

The products are inspired by Animal Crossing's most loved characters!
We can always count on Colourpop Cosmetics to have the cutest makeup collabs (remember their ultra-glittery Sailor Moon collection?), and they sure aren't breaking that streak this year! The American beauty brand is launching an Animal Crossing collection this week, which—spoiler alert—will definitely

We Want Everything from the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection

'90s anime fans, where you at?
The first priority when buying makeup and skincare is always the quality of the product and the effect it has on your skin. However, beauty lovers often shop with their eyes first—pretty packaging is almost impossible to resist! Couple it with products

Colourpop Named as the Most Popular Beauty Brand Online

Jeffree Star Cosmetics came in second.
Online traffic stastistics from SimilarWeb has shown the top 10 beauty brands that thrive the strongest online in the United States. As reported by WWD, the website of Colourpop Cosmetics gained the top spot as most-visited beauty site with 2.09 million hits in

So This Is How Colourpop Highlighters Are Made

So cool!
Unlike most makeup brands, Colourpop Cosmetics isn't afraid to give a tour of their factory. It's so cool how the company produces such quality products without sketchy factory operations! You'll see this in a video recently shared by Byrdie, wherein they showed

Colourpop's Hello Kitty Collection Is Here!

Just in time for Hello Kitty’s birthday!
Hello Kitty has inspired many collections through the years, from clothing and various merchandise to cafes and many more. But in our opinion, Colourpop Cosmetics’ newest range of beauty products is the prettiest to date! A symbol of youthful fun, Hello Kitty's collaboration