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This Cute Coffee Shop in Laguna Looks Just Like a Sari-Sari Store

Here's a cool cafe to add to your bucket list!
Imagine getting your daily cup of joe from the small stand down your street. We don’t just mean that instant 3-in-1 that you can snatch from a random vending machine, mind you—we’re talking good quality local brew supplied by actual coffee farmers.

This Quaint Garden-Inspired Café Features Swings and Bike-Friendly Tables

Oyence Reyes' café, Florentias, is located in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija.
The pandemic has proven to be a solidly entrepreneurial time. Though many beloved establishments have closed down, countless new independent ventures have emerged, like sprouts cracking through concrete. If you're anything like us, you know what it's like to have been comforted

This Café Is Right Underneath Manila Cathedral's Church Bells

Coffee break after an Intramuros tour? Yes, please!
Aesthetically-pleasing cafés are opening left and right, in and around Metro Manila, but if you want to check out a place that's both unique and Instagrammable, all you have to do is make your way to Intramuros and find the Belfry Café.Belfry Café

Drink Coffee in an Hermès Cup Like Heart and Jinkee in This Tagaytay Café

Yup, you can drink your cappuccino straight out of Hermès Passifolia breakfast cup and saucer—just like Jinkee Pacquiao!
If you're intrigued by Heart Evangelista and Jinkee Pacquiao's extensive designer coffee cups and plate collection, well, you can try out the experience first before investing in a set in this luxe Tagaytay café.TOP STORY: Did You Know? All the Holiday Movies on

% Arabica Just Opened Their New Branch and It's Gorgeous

It was designed in collaboration with German architect Alexis Dornier.
With their specialty brews and minimalist aesthetic, % Arabica is a favorite hangout spot for coffeeheads who appreciate a good view. The good news is, you can now get your Arabica fix at yet another spot in Bonifacio Global City, as the

Manila City Hall's Coffee Shop "KapeTolyo" to Open Soon

It offers a relaxing view of the redeveloped Heroes Park.
On August 24, 2020, Manila City Mayor Isko Domagoso Moreno launched the refurbished Lagusnilad Underpass that features brightly lit alleys, colorful murals, signages in baybayin script, and vertical gardens. And if you found this project fascinating, then you're in for another treat.On

8 Local Shops Where You Can Buy Aesthetic, Ready-to-Drink Coffee

These bottled coffee drinks can all be delivered right to your doorstep—no more boiling water or eye-balling proportions!
Ah, coffee. It's a magic liquid that turns frowns to smiles, and paints people into a better mood. A freshly brewed cup of joe definitely makes the day brighter and a lot more tolerable, if you ask me. But with a long

This Cool New Cafe Is Perfect for Book Lovers

It's the library of our dreams!
Have you ever wanted a prince to gift you with an entire library? Of course you have. We've all been dying for a moment like that since 1992. But we're also adults now, and we need our caffeine fix to feel like

This Specialty Cafe in Binondo Is Located in a 100-Year-Old Building

If you love your coffee with a sprinkling of history.
Whenever we hear the word Binondo, we tend to immediately think about authentic Chinese cuisine. That said, a posh café situated along the busy streets of Chinatown is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind.But the 1919 Grand Cafe, owned by a

Starbucks' New Tumbler Collection Is Every Nature Lover's Dream

Too pretty!
Calling all the tumbler-obsessed! Starbucks' newest collection is here and it's everything you could ever want! In collaboration with American fashion brand Vera Bradley, the latest release is characterized by the eccentric and vibrant floral designs that the bag brand has been known

A Step-by-Step Guide for Making the Perfect Pour-Over Coffee at Home

Here's how to make coffee like a pro.
With the rise of third-wave coffee shops, there’s been a revival of traditional brewing methods, such as pour-over. As its name suggests, this method involves pouring water over grounds placed in a dripper or brewer. While this sounds simple enough, there’s a

7 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Can Order Right Now

For when you want something other than a latté.
A Twitter thread revealing Starbucks' "secret menu" has been trending for a few days now. The tweets were posted by Starbucks barista Brad Vargas. In the post, Brad shares that he often gets a lot of requests from customers for new drinks. This is why

Starbucks Just Dropped the Cutest Collection Featuring Gipsy the Cat

Check out Starbucks' collaboration with Paul & Joe.
You may already have a cupboard filled with mugs and tumblers given as gifts but I'm pretty sure you'll want to make space for this: Starbucks just dropped its new collection and it's overflowing (like your cupboard) with cuteness!Our go-to coffeehouse is