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The Biggest Easter Egg in "Squid Game" That You Probably Missed

The clues about the games were right there all along!
Weeks after the it’s initial release, Squid Game continues to secure its spot on Netflix’s Top 10. In case you haven't caught up yet, the K-drama thriller, follows the different players who compete in a series of childhood games in order to

LOTD: Bella Hadid Steps Out as '90s Fashion Icon Cher Horowitz

Bella gives a nod to the cult classic film.
Bella Hadid has been acing the street style looks by taking inspiration from the yesteryears. From Matrix-inspired sunnies to beloved '60s accessory berets, she now gives an ode to the '90s cult favorite film, Clueless.She steps out looking like a darker and sexier version

Is 'Fingermouthing' the Hot New Selfie Pose?

Just dangle your fingers like so.
From duckface to fish gape, to the less popular sparrowface, 2016 sees a new selfie pose: Fingermouthing. While it sounds a tad perverted, it is actually just dangling your fingers near your mouth for a relaxed, careless look―as if you’ve been caught

Here’s How You Can Layer Like It’s Still the '90s

Channel your inner Cher Horowitz.
In the world of fashion, trends follow a cycle. As an example, the '90s fad is making a huge comeback—what goes around definitely comes around, as they say. And in this karmic sense, we see more than just crop tops, chokers and

10 Stylish Cliques On-screen

Admit it, you want to sit with them.
If you're cooped inside your room due to the bad weather, quit moping around and look on the bright side instead. For one, a good old movie marathon with a bowl of popcorn sounds like a nice idea. And whether or not

18 Must-watch Fashionable Movies

Curl up with our favorite onscreen style inspirations.
During bed weather season, layering, some pajama-dressing, a bucketfull of popcorn, and a weekend movie marathon is inevitable. This week, we pick out our favorite feel-good fashion films that we’ve been watching through the years. From Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s to John