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The World's Largest Rainforest Is on Fire and Here's Why We're Alarmed

The Amazon is currently burning at the highest recorded rate since 2013.
Fire season has officially begun for the Amazon Rainforest. This is said to typically occur from July to September because of the dry season, and usually stops by November. However, nothing seems ordinary about the forest fire this year, and the rate

You Have Roughly 30 Years to Visit Maldives Before it Sinks

It could soon be a long lost paradise.
Somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean lays Maldives, a tropical nation many beach lovers consider the ultimate destination. We’ve seen a couple of celebrities from Coleen Garcia to Bea Soriano show us the picture perfect juxtaposition of cloudy skies, powdery white sand,

Vivienne Westwood Goes Bald!

Vivienne Westwood Goes Bald!
Well, cropped was more like it—Vivienne Westwood was seen sporting a cropped white hairdo as a wakeup call to Climate Change and also cutting off her fiery red mane was a way for her to show that she is proud of her

Project Earth

Liz Uy, Tim Yap, Maxene Magalona, and more lend their headshots for an advocacy for the environment.
“Bring your own water bottle, jug, or tumbler!” “Go paperless!” “Use eco-bags when shopping.” These are just some of the shout-outs of the Project Earth ambassadors.Project Earth is a digital campaign born from the collaboration of the Climate Change Commission, photographer Niccolo