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10 Best Sunscreens for Daily Protection Against UV Rays

Rain or shine, you need one!
Wearing sunscreen may be such a chore for some, but it's the kind of chore that your skin will thank you for later. Because while there's a stigma on sunscreens abuot them being sticky, greasy, and pore-congesting, it's not always the case.

Clarins' Biggest Store in Manila Doubles as an Express Spa

Shop and relax!
Treating yourself to the ultimate beauty splurge just got easier with Clarins. The beloved French brand's newly-opened branch in SM Makati is a spa boutique, so not only can you shop makeup and skincare, you can also get express spa treatments in-store!For

Superfood Turmeric Is the Star Ingredient in This Best-Selling Anti-Aging Serum

The trendy ingredient invades your skincare regimen.
There's always room for improvement.Three decades after its first formulation, Clarins' iconic Double Serum has undergone a major upgrade in its formulation. Now in its eighth generation, the serum promises even more youthful skin through its latest developments and an all-new ingredient.To

This Beauty Click Pen Will Replace Four Products in Your Kikay Kit

Just take all our money!
Here at Preview, we are all about products that are efficient and if possible, multitasking as well. So when we heard about Clarins' latest innovation, we were squealing in our seats.Introducing Clarins 4-Color All-in-One Pen. Perhaps it's the adult version of the

4 Excellent Eye Creams You Need in Your Nighttime Beauty Routine

Banish those wrinkles and dark circles!
Sticking to a nightly skin care habit can be overwhelming, especially when there always seems to be yet another “must-have” product you need to add to your already burgeoning evening routine. Hear us out, though: Your under-eye area has some of the

3 Face Masks to Address Your Anti-Aging Concerns

Once a week is all you need to erase the signs of time.
For those of us blessed with life experience from our years on Earth, the double-edged gift also bestows us with a dull complexion, saggy skin, and a loss of collagen. Stress can be one part of the problem, but we can't blame

3 Facial Moisturizers to Try Now

Keep that skin supple!
Moisturizer is the most important product in your skin regimen. Well, aside from sunblock, of course, but that's not what we're talking about here. Everyone knows that the body is made up of 60% water, and if you don't consume your eight

Five Shaping Creams For A Last-minute Slim Down

A gentle reminder that LaBoracay is fast approaching.
To those who’ve neglected the jiggle of their wobbly bits before the biggest beach partying extravaganza known as LaBoracay, don’t you fret. Thanks to the wonders of beauty technology, there exists a breed of creams that promise to tighten and tone your

Show Off A Bronze Tan Sans The Sun

These sunless tanners help up your bronzer game.
According to experts, the sun is evil. Emitting dangerous UVA and UVB rays (brush up on your terms here), the sun brings about a dozen health hazards and helps speed up aging, too. Personally, I think everyone looks better with a little

Top 10 Sunscreens For Your Eyes, Lips, And Hair

For your more sensitive areas, grease up with these picks!
Practicing safe sun means creating an armor against the sun’s harmful rays. Aside from the body and face, these delicate spots need extra attention, too. Remember that the eyes and lips possess thin, delicate skin and can show the first signs of

5 Caffeine-infused Products To Perk You Up This Morning

Because it's Monday, and it's hard to get up on a Monday.
I am not a morning person, so believe me when I say that I need at least one cup of java to jolt me into consciousness at 9am. After that, I’m a lean mean writing machine. But, as it turns out, I

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins latest offering promises complete age control.
Built on 27 years of research, Clarins latest offering is the newest formula of their Double Serum. Similar to previous formulations, this update goes a step further: Now women have both water-based (hyric) and oil-based (lipidic) anti-aging treatments in one bottle. This biomimetic double-phase formula