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10 Youthful Dresses, as Seen on Chic Women over 40

The right style can make all the difference
Every fashion-loving gal is all too familiar with the beauty of wearing dresses. Aesthetics aside, it’s a one-piece outfit that’s easy to slip into and know full well you look great. Yet as we get older and our professions, lifestyles, and changing

This Is the Coolest Pop-Up Store You Shouldn't Miss This Weekend!

Get your cool girl uniform from Carl Jan Cruz x Shop Tilda!
Two local brands—online retailer Tilda and designer Carl Jan Cruz—have joined forces to bring you a collection that highlights the "aesthetic of intelligent anti-fashion with a high appreciation for craftsmanship and fabric," Tilda owner, Christine Dychiao tells Preview."Speaking on a personal capacity, my

Get Shopping Tips from These Women Who Travel and Shop for a Living

Meet the women behind Shop Tilda.
For three seasons now, online shopping site Tilda has introduced Filipinas to a roster of under-the-radar fashion brands that friends Christine Dychiao and Patricia Ramos, together with fellow friends and co-founders Katrina Lim and Emily Yap, have discovered during their travels. From

Do You Travel to Shop?

Meet the girls who do and where best to fly for the sake of shopping.
This month, we zero in on chronic travelers who do more than just sight-see. Although shopping is part of everybody's trip itinerary, these girls make it their main agenda.We made Christine and Patricia imaginary Preview boarding passes!We talk to founders Christine

Vsa 2013 Nominees: Online Reporter

We present the nominees for Online Reporter via numbers!
When it comes to pop culture and anything new on the market, we all have our own list of trusty sites to credit as our source. From new store openings, new product discoveries, sale alerts, and anything in between, here are the

Blogger Challenge: Moms In Fashion

Fashionable mommy bloggers share about their personal style!
This week's Blogger Challenge turns the spotlight on the moms in fashion, right in time for Mother's Day.Eight fashionable moms—Lloyda Lim-Tan, Leona Lavina-Panutat, Frances Amper Sales, Christine Dychiao, Ace Du-Chua, Sarah Tirona, Mikka Padua and Ann Jacobe—share about their personal style, favorite