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Yes, 50-Year-Old Women (and Older) are Sexy, and Here's Proof

Women of a certain age can still make hearts race.
Free tip of the day: 50-year-old bodies are great.Also: Please ignore Yann Moix, the French author and TV presenter, who made the people of the internet very, very angry, because he declared his total disinterest in older women (50 years old and up),

The 20 Times Preview Magazine Predicted the Future

From the laugh-out-loud to the purely iconic.
While flipping through the 1995-2004 archives for Preview’s 20th anniversary, we discovered a bunch of pages that seemed very now. There was a travel editorial where the editors photographed products (and models!) from top view. (#flatlay) Some epic group shots. (#squadgoals) And

The Kontrabida Girls We Love: Whose Style Is Most Wicked?

You wouldn't dare mess with these ladies.
You know who they are. They play the mistress, the wicked step mom, the other sister, or simply the good girl who goes bad. They get to throw the vile lines, the villainous stares, and sometimes even the glass of water right

Diana Vreeland Comes Alive In Full Gallop

Cherie Gil gives life to the iconic fashion editor as she performs in a one-woman play. Plus! Check out who attended the gala show.
Full Gallop—a one-woman play starring Ms. Cherie Gil—brought to life the iconic fashion editor Diana Vreeland as it launched last week with a press preview and the gala show. It was witty, very entertaining, and enriching all at the same time with Cherie giving a