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Fun Prints and Luxe Monochromatic Looks Ruled At PMFF Day 1

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Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest is back with a brand new season! If you're looking for the latest trends to try or simply in need of some fashion inspo, then take a look at all the collections below!Yong Davalos opened the show with

This Designer Has a Modern Take on Classic Dressing

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A classy and sophisticated style can be worn to work, Sunday brunch, or even traveling the world. What a woman wears and the image she projects is very important. Style is something personal to each of us as it projects your mood,

Cheetah Rivera Comes Out with a Bright and Quirky Ready-to-Wear Collection

Playful and dainty!
With her perennially fun and youthful designs, Cheetah Rivera did not disappoint at this season’s Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. The designer showcased yet another collection featuring dainty details that have become her signature—from last season's pops of hues and pleats to this season's

Here's a Fresh and Youthful Way to Wear Pleats

We're loving Cheetah Rivera's smart use of color.
At Cheetah Rivera’s collection for Manila Fashion Festival 2018, the colors came out swinging like a jab, jab, right hook combination. Turquoise! Fuchsia! Bright orange! The orange was made even brighter by its flowy pleated glory.Even white is amplified by setting it

Manila Fashion Fest - The Next: PHILIPS

You have to see these collabs.
This year electronics brand Philips and five young designers came together for a collaborative effort to create five capsule collections. For this they enlisted Cheetah Rivera, whose black and white looks aimed to flatter a woman's body, Daryl Maat, with his grommet-laden

Manila Fashion Fest - The Next: Cheetah Rivera's Mu Ai

See the full collection here.
After indulging in the energetic swing of flamenco last season, Cheetah Rivera is going back to basics. She plays on a different field by injecting the minimalist movement into her typically dynamic mix. Clean, womanly, and elegant are perhaps the best adjectives

6 Designers Sketch Evening Gowns for Maxine Medina

And the designs are exquisite.
It seems like Miss Universe fever has been sweeping the nation. Of course, with the competition being in town, it's hard to expect anything less from the devotion of the beauty pageant's die-hard fans. (Us included.) So in preparation for one of

Liza Soberano and Janella Salvador Look Stunning in Cheetah Rivera

An unexpected twinning moment!
Thanks to their stylist Perry Tabora, Janella Salvador and Liza Soberano proved that metallics, glitter, and velvet aren't our only options when dressing up for holiday festivities. The young actresses wore color, florals, and embroidery for the ABS-CBN Christmal Special, in frocks by none other than Cheetah

Cheetah Rivera’s ‘Bem, Bem Maria!’

Let’s dance!
Moved by the Spanish arts, Cheetah Rivera brings to the runway an inspired collection fusing together cultural experiences from dynamic flamenco and fiery bullfighting. She dresses the modern woman in a romantic yet sultry vibe reminiscent of masterpieces and paintings of Basque

See the Beatriz x Cheetah Rivera Collab

They brought back the swinging 60s.
Carissa Evangelista is the owner of Beatriz accessories (named after her daughter Isabella Beatriz), popular for minaudieres and handmade jewelry. Before starting her business, she worked for the Department of Trade and Industry’s regional operations, a post that influenced her commitment to

Andromeda by Cheetah Rivera

See the Fall/Winter 2016 collection here.
This time last year, one of the pioneer designers of Manila Fashion Festival, Cheetah Rivera, took inspiration from her fascination with birds and created a swallow-printed collection. For Fall/Winter 2016, she decided to take us to outerspace via a composite of constellations

5 Designers for the Classy Hubadera

Support your ratchet tendencies.
When you're living in a tropical country like the Philippines where it’s hot all year long, on several occasions, being a hubadera becomes widely accepted. But whether you’re using the humid weather as an excuse or simply inclined to the skin-baring trend,

Cheetah Rivera's Beloved

See the full Spring/Summer 2016 collection here.
As if drawing inspiration from delicate dandelions, Cheetah Rivera's Beloved was dominated by flowy frocks and intricate embroideries worn by models who were all sporting nude pointy-toed pumps and a bridal updo. From short dresses to long gowns, her designs for her Spring/Summer

Cheetah Rivera Has A Fascination For Birds

Hey, no one said only Cinderella could love the feathered animal.
The promise of flight fuels fascination, and fascinated we were as Cheetah Rivera's powerful collection stormed down the V-shaped runway. Each swallow-printed piece was a delight to see as they were playful, chic, and wearable all in one. We were all about

Cheetah Rivera Spring/summer 2015

See what Cheetah Rivera has in store with her latest collection.
If there’s anyone who understands the meaning of the word “fierce,” then it’s Cheetah Rivera. Her name alone says it all. Joining the pack of Manila Fashion Festival’s pioneering batch, the Project Runway alumna showcases her latest collection of show-stopping pieces made

Art Personas Brings Us Manila Fashion Festival

Now here's a festival you wouldn't want to miss.
Truly, things are shaping up for our local fashion industry. As more designers emerge, it’s just fit that new platforms are created for them to showcase their talents, and more importantly, to sell their products. Here is where Art Personas, a fashion