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These Makeup Products Magically Adjust To Your Skin Tone

No need for testers!
Now that the pandemic has changed the way we touch anything, makeup testers are now out of the picture. This has led customers to rely on a particular brand's post of swatches or a review by an influencer, friend, or a publication (like

10 Lightweight Alternatives If You Don't Like Wearing Foundation

These will look like your skin, but better.
Foundation is, in fact, not your only option for evening out your skin tone. There are tinted moisturizers, skin tints, BB and CC creams that can get the job done in a more lightweight and breathable way. Below are some of our

How to Pick the Right Foundation Based on Your Skin Concern

Still haven't found your perfect match? Read on.
From skin tone, skin type, down to foundation shade—here's a quick matching game to help you find your best match.Much like the first BBs, the CCs have gotten complaints about how one shade doesn't fit all. So big thanks Make Up Factory,

8 Korean Beauty Tips That Will Change How You Do Your Makeup

K-beauty fans, take notes!
When it comes to beauty and skincare, we can count on Korean brands to give results. More than that, we can also learn from their pros! Here, we share a few interesting tips from Banila Co's chief makeup artist Kangpil Kim. (Spoiler: they're

12 Lightweight and Luminous Bases You Can Wear All Summer

You won't even feel like you're wearing anything!
Your love affair with dewy skin doesn't have to die in the summer. Just switch out your heavy foundations with something more lightweight, and you'll be good to go!Keep scrolling for our fresh face must-haves!IMAGE Etude HouseEtude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

7 Tried And Tested Tricks To Get Natural-Looking Foundation

Say no to looking pale!
Foundation can either make or break your look. Here, seven of our tried and tested tricks that will leave your foundation looking natural:via GIPHY1. Get the right shade.This is the cardinal rule of great-looking foundation. Before you splurge on foundation, make sure

Our Favorite Face Base

Ace your base with our tried and tested favorites.
One of the things we tend to overlook is the power of a solid foundation. I mean, it isn’t called base for nothing, right? Sure, a full face of foundation may be a bit much for the day time, but even with

Decoding The Alphabet Creams

A straightforward 101 on BB Creams and CC Creams
With all the alphabet creams popping in the beauty counters every now and then, you might get dazed and confused which one you should take to the cashier. Should you go for the classic BB or the more sophisticated CC cream? Read

The 411 On Cc Creams

The real deal about the latest alphabet cream phenomenon.
First it was the BB (Blemish Balm) cream that shook the beauty industry. Multi-taskers that act as a tinted moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen, it first gained ground in Europe and had its popularity spread like wildfire in East Asia. The buck didn't

First Kiss

Tonymoly's 2013 S/S trend is all about the blush of a spring fling.
The realm of beauty isn’t safe from the hallyu invasion, and with Eastern-inspired fashion taking over runways it seems like it’s here to stay. More and more women have taken strongly to Korean beauty trends, with the cornerstones of their trademark look—poreless,