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Ella Cruz Recalls Getting Bulled in High School and Being Called "Laos"

She also recounted the time where she was cornered and slapped for no reason.
Ella Cruz is one of the most recognizable actresses from her generation, but as it turns out, even she wasn't immune to being bullied when she was younger. In the recent press conference for her Vivamax series The Seniors, the 25-year-old revealed that

6 Local Celebrities Who Bravely Overcame Being Bullied for Their Looks

You won't believe who was called an "ugly duckling" growing up.
Childhood bullying is one memory that’s certainly difficult to forget. For many, it was the first time they began to feel insecure about ourselves, and doubt what they're capable of. It takes a lot of time to overcome the effects of bullying,

Maymay Entrata Reveals She Was Bullied in School for Being "Too Skinny"

"Since bata palang ako sobrang insecure na katawan ko, dahil sobrang payat," the singer-actress confessed.
With her humble yet bubbly personality and explosive stage presence, it's not easy to say one bad thing about Maymay Entrata. In fact, her show biz career, albeit still fresh at 5 years, has definitely been a fruitful one. Aside from scoring

Dr. Vicki Belo Opens Up About Being Bullied for Her Looks as a Child

She had an emotional speech about the reason why she entered the beauty business.
Vice Ganda's powerful It's Showtime performance about self-esteem prompted an emotional response out of Dr. Vicki Belo, who was one of the judges. The stage featured the noontime show host in several hair and outfit changes while belting empowering anthems such as

The Ugly Truth About Today's Call-Out Culture

The Internet is a double-edged sword—it can either protect a victim or create another one.
What is call-out culture? According to Forbes, it is “a term which defines the social phenomenon of publicly denouncing perceived racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry.” That’s it in a nutshell, but if you’re still finding that definition a little too vague,

Instagram Now Has Anti-Cyberbullying Features to Protect Its Users

Time to "restrict" those trolls.
In 2010, your favorite social media app, Instagram, was born. Nine years ago, the community was still so small that its founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, could still manually delete mean and abusive comments. Over the years, there's no denying that

Gucci's Alessandro Michele Reveals How He Overcame Bullying

The Italian designer recalls his struggles that inspired his work.
If you ever feel like you're having a rough day, remember that someone else might be having it worse. We all have our own ups and downs in life. In fact, even Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele was not invincible to such struggles. In a

Has the Internet Become One Giant Bully?

We discuss the recent events.
Just a week ago my social media feeds were a happy place. The whole country was bound together in a blanket of lava rhinestones and national pride. Five days is a lifetime and a half online. At this moment, my social media

Heart Evangelista Reveals She Was Bullied When She Was Younger

Here's how she dealt with it.
In an interview with Preview, Heart Evangelista recalls being bullied back in grade school through high school, which was actually the reason why she "quit regular school and did home-studying for a while." The actress adds how much she finds the movie Mean

Here's How Camille Co Dealt with a Racist Comment Online

An internet troll said her designer bags were all fake because she's Asian.
With hundreds of thousands of social media followers, local blogger Camille Co no doubt has a strong presence online. Still, she tries her best to maintain good rapport with her followers, which sometimes also means having to politely deal with internet bullies and

Drew Barrymore Fires Back at Her Haters With a New Haircut

Wait, what?
Celebrities receive negative comments every day, but many of them often reach a boiling point. Surely you've heard of some stars who post long and wordy clapbacks to their haters to call them out, and it's basically become the norm for responding

This Filipino Brand Is Making a Stand Against Bullying

Different is good.
If you look up the word "different" in the thesaurus, you'll pull up its synonyms that include other, unlike, distant, and dissimilar. All these point to isolation and unbelongingness, brewing a feeling of shame for who you really are when you don't conform to

8 Good Enough Reasons to Watch "13 Reasons Why"

The truth is, we never really leave high school.
If you haven’t yet binge-watched 13 Reasons Why during the long break, then I suggest you do so, stat. Netflix’s most popular show to date (yup, you read that right!) tells the story of a teenage girl named Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford),

Who's Bullying Kendall Jenner?

Are Lexi Boling and Binx Walton behind the misbehavior?
Kendall Jenner is reportedly still being bullied by other models.The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star has been a key focus of New York Fashion Week but is still facing criticism from her peers as it's emerged fellow model Lexi Boling and