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Jessy Mendiola Sets the Record Straight on Plastic Surgery Rumors

In a recent vlog, she resolved rumors saying that she had gotten her nose and boobs done.
Women in the public eye are certainly no stranger to being scrutinized based on appearance. Unsurprisingly, actress-turned-vlogger Jessy Mendiola is among that headcount: In a recent vlog uploaded to her hit YouTube channel, she finally addressed rumors that claimed she had gone

Michelle Madrigal Shares Why She Had Her Breast Implants Removed

"They no longer serve me."
Michelle Madrigal has decided to have her breast implants removed.The 31-year-old mom and fitness enthusiast announced her bold decision through an Instagram post dated December 4, 2019, with the caption (published as is), "Let’s talk about boobs! I am excited and nervous to

These Beauty Products Were Banned in the Past 100 Years

These are the things that could've gotten you in trouble.
If you haven't appreciated your freedom to wear red lipstick, get tattoos, and color your hair lately, then we have something that will make you do so. Allure has revealed an interesting list of beauty products that were either banned or illegal at some

Rich Men Prefer Smaller Boobs, According to Studies

Socioeconomic status has something to do with it.
You've probably wondered why guys in general prefer big boobs to small ones. Well, here's an interesting fact that will satisfy your curiosity. Two studies were conducted to find out the reason behind this and what factors are related to this preference. The first research showed

Iggy Azalea Admits Getting Breast Implants

Four months ago, the singer got bigger boobs.
Iggy Azalea got breast implants late last year.The "Fancy" hitmaker, who is dating Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young, admits she decided to have cosmetic surgery "four months ago" because she had been thinking about it for her "entire life."Asked what she