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The Best Serena and Blair OOTDs from "Gossip Girl"

We're still in love with these looks!
One of the things we loved most about 2007's cult Gossip Girl TV series was that the fashion was never discreet. Like, ever. And for all their endless enemies-to-friends and back again dynamics, BFFs Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen (played by Leighton

10 Steps To Becoming A Queen Bee

Here's how you can be one, according to Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf herself.
Gossip Girl may have long bid adieu, but as far as we’re concerned, there’s only one reigning queen in the Upper East Side and it’s no other than Blair Waldorf. She may be the baddest bitch in town, but when it comes

Gossip Girl Style Files: Where Are They Now?

After two years without Gossip Girl, here's the latest about your favorite Upper East Siders.
It’s been two excruciatingly long years since Gossip Girl last aired on the small screen, and yes, we do miss our source that digs into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Quite honestly, apart from all the high school drama and petty catfights,

10 Of Our Favorite Tv Hairstyles

These fictional characters got some serious hair game goin' on.
Everyone knows that a hairstyle can define a character as much as their wardrobe. From Jill Munroe’s flipped out waves to Sansa Stark’s intricate braids, we take a trip down memory lane and list down our favorite TV hairstyles that have crept

Happy Birthday, Leighton Meester!

Learn a thing or two from alter ego, Blair Waldorf.
After six seasons of rather confusing plot twists, but totally consistent remarkable styling and costume designs, we find ourselves still missing the series that introduced us to the ever-fashionable Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl. It has long stopped airing, but we know some


Revisit your high school days with these four looks.
The start of the New Year is making us miss the good old school days sans the boring uniforms. If only we were allowed to style our identical ensembles the way kids from other countries do. Alas, we are past that, but

Is Queen B Leighton Meester Engaged To Seth Cohen?

Is Queen B Leighton Meester Engaged to Seth Cohen?
Who would've thought that two of television's favorite characters would one day meet . According to People, Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf, also known as Adam Brody and Leighton Meester (yes they are known more as their respective characters from The OC