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These Are Dior's Best-Selling Perfumes in the Philippines

Capture the brand's iconic, timeless style with these fragrances.
As Christian Dior once said: "A woman’s perfume tells me more about her than her handwriting." This is a testament to the importance of perfume in style and beauty. With cult classic scents such as Miss Dior and Sauvage, Dior's fragrances grace

These Are Versace's Best-Selling Perfumes in the Philippines

Add these well-loved classics to your perfume stash.
In a world of minimalistic perfume packaging and "skin scents," Versace stays true to the Italian fashion house's fearless elegance with sculptural bottles and head-turning blends. Their scents alone look like jewelry, emblazoned with either their signature Medusa head or an extravagant

These Are Snailwhite's Best-Selling Products in the Philippines

There's more to this Thai beauty brand than their famous Whipp Soap!
Barely two years since it launched in the Philippines, Snailwhite has become nothing short of an online beauty sensation. The Thai brand's promise of a "glass skin glow" bodes so well with everyone obsessed with K-beauty, punctuated by the influence of its

These Are Chanel's Best-Selling Makeup in the Philippines

Makeup bag essentials for every Chanel girl (and boy).
The world first saw Chanel makeup all the way back in 1924, when Coco Chanel released the brand's first line of lip colors and powders. The lipsticks were revolutionary then, boasting a creamy and pigmented formula that was almost unheard of at

These Are Chanel's Best-Selling Perfumes in the Philippines

Classic, well-loved scents you'd want in your collection.
Chanel's penchant for creating classics doesn't only apply to their fashion. Their collection of perfumes and body sprays have that distinctively timeless (and distinctively Chanel) quality, too, and we're not just talking about the N°5. Adding a bottle or two to your

These Are Clinique's Best-Selling Products in the Philippines

It's not all skincare!
We're willing to bet that one of the first beauty products you owned were from Clinique. You may have had the Clinique Happy as your go-to fragrance at one point, or used at least one product from their popular three-step skincare system. That

These Are Coach's Best-Selling Bags in the Philippines

Did your fave make the cut?
It's impossible to not know Coach. It's perhaps one of the most easily identified designer brands out there. After all, for almost 80 years, the brand has become the epitome of the free-spirited, all-American attitude that boasts of a modern vision, accessible

These Are Gap's Best-Selling Jeans in the Philippines

Buy one or all of them!
Doris and Donald Fisher founded Gap back in 1969, hoping to solve a long-time dilemma: Don is in need of jeans that fit well. Hence, it's become Gap's core goal. As simple as it may sound, Gap has always strived to make

These Are Keds' Best-Selling Sneakers in the Philippines

Do you own one of these?
It has been over a century—103 years, to be exact!—since Keds revolutionized women's footwear back in 1916. Since the birth of their famous Champion shoe, an early depiction of sneakers for women, Keds has been keeping its vow to prioritize comfort without

These Are the Best-Selling Lacoste Items in the Philippines

Did your favorites make it to the list?
It started with a croc. The year was 1923 and tennis prodigy René Lacoste was on the cusp of greatness. He was referred to as "The Alligator" and would always wear a tennis shirt embroidered with a crocodile logo to his matches.