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Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Nix Alañon

We love his eclectic sense of style.
With a keen sense of design and a meticulous eye for detail, it's no wonder design consultant Nix Alañon ended up on the Preview Best Dressed list. As the principal designer for FTA Design (his eponymous design studio), Nix's aesthetic has been fine-tuned to

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: David Guison

Find out how the blogger stood the test of social media's time.
David Guison was a fashion blogger before Instagram made outfit stalking convenient. He was still a college student when he started his blog DG Manila, and was active on Lookbook long before some of us even had the courage to post our

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: BJ Pascual

Learn his style tricks here.
The tables have turned. The photographer becomes the muse. BJ Pascual is a household name when it comes to capturing one's best features. Now, we put the spotlight on him, in an attempt to frame his eclectic and dandy sartorial sense. And

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Z Teo

The doctor is in!
Maybe it’s the prospect of wearing something that might discredit his professionalism. Or perhaps it’s the clinic’s dress code he has to adhere to. Or possibly his medical field—cosmetic surgery—that behooves him to always look the part (and well-coiffed, right?). Whatever it

10 Things You Missed From the Preview Best Dressed List Party

Here's what happened at our fun fiasco!
We are still hung up on last Monday’s celebration, honoring Preview’s 2017 Best Dressed women and men. We partied ‘til dawn with the most stylish people we know! See what happened below.1. The interiorsIMAGE Ginggoy LothoIMAGE Andrea BelduaIMAGE Andrea BelduaIMAGE Andrea BelduaWe

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Raymond Ang

The editor and publisher talks about his personal style.
It’s easy to jot down all the things we find distasteful about Manila—carmaggedon, pollution, crime, just to name a few. But not everyone chooses to see Manila this way. Enter the twenty-something editor and publisher behind Made of Bricks, his editorial imprint

Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Jericho Rosales

Our best-dressed actor speaks about how he found fashion through himself.
Jericho Rosales is an actor. Filipinos know him for his films, his TV shows, and his countless endorsements. Difference is, he's one of those names that are inexplicably linked to the good ol' days of local telenovelas, tacked into our pop-culture-savvy brains

Can You Guess Who Tops Gq's Best Dressed Men List?

Can You Guess Who Tops GQ's Best Dressed Men List?
Eddie Redmayne has topped British GQ's Best Dressed Men list.The "The Theory of Everything" star took the number one spot in the annual rankings ahead of fellow actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Jamie Dornan, who came in second and third place respectively.Surprisingly, the third-in-line