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10 Nostalgic Fragrances That Will Take You Back in Time

Take a trip down memory lane with these scents!
Scents have a way of triggering memories, and it’s quite a nice feeling. Take for instance how the smell of popcorn and chocolate cake can remind you of kids’ parties and festivals, while a strong, floral musk can take you back to

5 Fresh-Smelling Colognes That Celebrities Love Wearing

Jessy Mendiola's go-to cologne costs less than P1,000.
Local celebs like Bea Alonzo, Jessy Mendiola, and KC Concepcion may have an extensive perfume collection, but just like everyone else, they still reach for a good ol' cologne to smell fresh, especially when they're at home.Check out these celeb-favorite colognes below—and you just might

14 Beauty Trends That Were Big During The World Youth Day

Admit it, the last time the Pope came to town, you were super-duper into these. But where, where are they now?
Image via mtv.comThe recent papal visit has gotten us flashbackin’, throwbackin’, and reminiscing about our greatest beauty favorites from 1995… even if that’s like, so 20 years ago. 1.       “The Rachel”For those of you too young to remember (woe  is me), “The Rachel” was a