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Here's Why Uniqlo Doesn't Want to Be Called Fast Fashion

The company has been involved in sustainability since day one.
Perhaps due to the fact that its parent company is called Fast Retailing, many associate Japanese retail brand Uniqlo to fast fashion. The story goes that when Mr. Tadashi Yanai, president and CEO of Fast Retailing, was just starting the brand, he wanted

5 Basic Innerwear Pieces Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

They're perfect for light layering!
There's a reason why basics are known as the foundation of anyone's wardrobe. They quite literally serve as the base layer for one's outfits, be it a tank top underneath a sheer top or a turtleneck layered under an office blazer. Stocking up (or hoarding) these inner garments

15 Ways to Make Your White T-Shirt Party-Ready

Your casual go-to piece can be dressy, too!
We’re just a few days away from New Year and you know what that means: Unli-parties to attend before the year ends. If dressy cocktail dresses or sleek pantsuits are your usual holiday frocks, make a stylish swap this year and stick

10 Basic Pieces to Buy from Tommy Hilfiger

The all-American staples your closet needs.
Tommy Hilfiger is one of our go-to shops for basics that we'll never get tired of wearing. The brand has that cool, all-American style that makes us nostalgic about the '90s, and even more so of the decade's iconic celebrities. Over the

5 Ways Mari Jasmine Amps Up Her Basics

Newsflash: Basic isn't bad.
Basics are basics for a reason: They're the building blocks of your personal style, a fact that TV host Mari Jasmine knows perfectly well. Below, watch the British-Japanese stunner work culottes, a turtleneck, and the camisole into five achingly chic looks.IMAGE

3 New and Easy Ways to Wear Pleated Skirts

You can easily pair them with your basics!
Pleated skirts were widely popular back in the '80s, and seeing how all trends eventually come and go, it's high time they make a comeback. Luckily, they're not that difficult to wear with the current decade's staple pieces, and they're an easy

Iora's New Collection Consists of Basics That Are Far From Basic

And we’re stocking up on it!
After 20 years in the industry, Singaporean clothing brand, Iora, re-launches with a design overhaul—hipper, sleeker, and chicer—and your non-fussy wardrobe begins right here. We’re talking of staples to mix in with the rest of your closet that essentially can help reduce

Summer Basics We’ll Never Get Tired of Wearing

Are you all set for summer?
Can you believe that we’re almost halfway through March already? It’s insane how fast time flies, but while you’re busy booking beach trips, we’re sure you’re also on the lookout for all things summer OOTD-worthy. As we always say, it’s better to

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs Now

Nope, it's not another list of white shirts.
For the record, this isn’t another list of white shirts, an assortment of jeans, and purses one should own in her 20s. Any well-maintained woman would know that without these cornerstone pieces, her wardrobe would come crashing down in a messy pile

QUIZ: How Basic Are You?

Do you think caramel frappes are the best thing ever?
Do you love jamming to top 30 hits? Do you think caramel frappes are the best thing ever? Do you feel that your life is best represented by Instagram cliches?If your answer to the above-mentioned questions are a big fat “yes,” then

15 Minimalist Pieces Inspired By Our Celine Lopez And Georgina Wilson Cover

Take sartorial notes from our July 2014 cover and hoard everything white in sight!
Our July 2014 cover with Georgina Wilson and Celine Lopez is refreshing to see—barely there makeup, undone hair, and of course, those crisp white pieces that looks simple and impeccable, so we thought of putting together a (shopping!) list of pieces inspired

Rhian Ramos' Wardrobe Staples

On her list, everything's black except for one. Find out here!
She’s gone from black to brown to blonde, from short to long, straight to wavy. Rhian Ramos’ hair transformation is something that’s always on the spotlight, so let’s have that take a rest today. Instead, we give you a little something not

One Item, Two Ways

We help you get more mileage from your closet staples!
To get more bang for your buck, learn the art of mixing, matching, and layering. Repeating outfits doesn’t have to be something you get iffy about, so go ahead and challenge yourself by creating as many looks with what’s currently in your