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Cool Facts We Learned From an Architect Reacting to Ivana Alawi's House

We bet you didn't know about these interesting tidbit's either.
Just over six months ago, Ivana Alawi released a jaw dropping tour video of her childhood home in Bahrain. And when we say home, we actually mean a swanky two-living room, seven-bedroom mansion. Decked with gold accents and chic lounge furniture, the

These Incredible Statement Shoes Are Designed by Famous Architects

Yes, you can walk in them!
To say that the Dutch shoe brand United Nude sells extraordinary shoes is an understatement. The shoes are more sculpture than footwear: gravity-defying heels, intricate uppers that look like building scaffolding, undulating tentacles, or pixelated objects. These statement shoes are meant to

How to Take Travel OOTDs with Art and Architecture

Andre Chang shows us how.
The sensory overload is real when you visit a beautiful country for the first time. Concerns would include which outfit to bring, which places to visit, and what are the best ways to document this particular trip. The pressure is doubled when

This Artistic Duo's Instagram Photos Will Put Yours to Shame

They will redefine the meaning of #FeedGoals.
There is no shortage of millennials who will squeal at the sight of an Instagram-worthy backdrop—a colorful graffiti or a pastel pink wall is almost always a surefire way to score your followers’ virtual hearts. And when it comes to making the

Tommy Hilfiger Is Re-designing The Raleigh Hotel On Miami Beach

Tommy Hilfiger is Re-designing The Raleigh Hotel On Miami Beach
Tommy Hilfiger is re-designing a hotel.The fashion designer is turning his talents to interior design by re-designing The Raleigh on Miami Beach into a luxury hotel and private members club, which he promises will be full of "grandeur".He said, "I am going