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You Can Book a Tattoo Session with Apo Whang-Od's Grandniece in Manila This Month

Don't miss the chance to get inked by Grace Palicas, the protégé of legendary tattoo artist Whang-Od!
Grace Palicas started training under Apo Whang-Od, the last mambabatok (traditional tattoo artist) of their generation, when she was only 10 years old. In a previous interview with BBC, Whang-Od revealed she could only pass on the craft to those from the

Everything You Need to Know About the Controversies Surrounding Nas Daily and the “Whang-Od Academy”

The vlogger is in hot water for exploiting the culture of indigenous tattoo artist Whang-Od.
Known for his one-minute long videos exploring different countries, Nas Daily has been incriminated for cultural misappropriation regarding “Whang-Od Academy.” The vlogger launched “Nas Academy” last year, a platform for Filipinos to learn a variety of topics from esteemed instructors and professionals. Among