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The Worst Dressed Ladies at the 2016 Grammy Awards

What happened to our girls?
The Grammys has always been a favorite of ours as it allows the stars to play with their ensembles. Case in point: Rihanna in that pink poufy Giambattista Valli at the last Grammys. Sadly, the men such as John Legend, Sam Smith, and

Pitch Perfect 3 Is Happening!

Juicy details here.
If you loved the first two Pitch Perfect films, then we’re happy to share with you the good news—a third installment starring the Barden Bellas and their A cappella group struggles will be airing August 4, 2017. Yup, you aca-believe it!After most


Spoiler alert! We give you the blow-by-blow IN EMOJIS!
If you’re one of the many who ripped Pitch Perfect off Torrent in Christmas of 2012, you probably memorized the steps to that routine in video above. Despite the absence of a meaty plot (it really was just a bunch of college

Watch: Anna Kendrick In Kate Spade Swimsuit

We love her!
On a sunny afternoon in L.A. Anna Kendrick enters the iconic Sunset Tower Hotel.For the second episode of Kate Spade’s #MissAdventure series, she gets into another quirky mishap. (Past ones included: getting locked out of her apartment, or perusing shopping bags - Kate

The Best And Worst Looks At The 72nd Golden Globes

Let the battle of the ball gowns begin!
Awards season is finally upon us! Months out of practice, Hollywood’s brightest stars start off this season with a clean slate—this means it’s anyone’s game at the Golden Globes. A few things we’re dying to find out: Will Lupita Nyong’o continue to

The Best Of The Grammy Awards 2014

We've picked out the best of the best from the annual music awards show.
We can’t deny that if there’s one awards show we truly love, it would have to be the Grammys. Don’t get us wrong, we love the glitz and glamour from other various red carpet extravaganzas such as the Golden Globes or the