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This Local Brand Is Reviving the Glory Days of the Marikina Shoe-Making Biz

Josanna will be your new go-to shoe brand.
Preview alumnae editors Anna Canlas and Karen Bolilia have found their second calling: to be champions of local footwear. The two are bringing back the glory days of the Marikina shoemaking industry by reviving the archival footwear brand Josanna.Originally founded by fourth generation

We Asked 3 Girls to Go Barefaced for a Week and Here's What Happened

The next detox you should be on is skin detox.
You know how, at a lunch, there will always be that friend who declines the menu and instead whips out her arsenal of murky green bottles because she’s on a cleanse? Then the next weekend, you’re on it, too. But if there’s one area

Fashion Editorial: Girl Meets Boy

We celebrate the mannish suit in lieu of Evan Rachel-Wood's iconic Golden Globes suit.
“I started feeling like some people needed a gentle reminder that we are more than just the dresses we wear. We are people; we work hard and put our souls into what we do,” Evan Rachel Wood told and added, “I


We take you from north of the Philippines to North America.
Quoting J.R.R. Tolkien, "Not all those who wander are lost." See where we found ourselves basking in the summer sun—or, well, playing with snow. ANNA CANLAS, Editor in ChiefDestination: Olympic Sculpture Park, SeattleWeather: 18°C, Mostly Cloudy#OOTD: Sleeveless in Seattle. (Trademark tank top, Madewell silk midi skirt,

Pefta 2012's Final Five

The five students who made it to this year's final list of talented young designers.
The ten students who made it to this year's Preview Emerging Talent Awards (PEFTA) embarked on a crucial stage in the competition: They presented their garments to the panel of judges, who would determine which five would make it to the final

Mango Launches Their Fall/winter 2011 Collection

Five young fashion stylists interpret Mango's Fall/Winter 2011 collection!
Mango held a fashion show featuring their Fall/Winter 2011 collection and they tapped by five stylists to put all the pieces together following five different themes. The fashion show was held at Resorts World, gathering the fashion philes in one place.Each stylist was given