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Fashion Editorial: Girl Meets Boy

We celebrate the mannish suit in lieu of Evan Rachel-Wood's iconic Golden Globes suit.
“I started feeling like some people needed a gentle reminder that we are more than just the dresses we wear. We are people; we work hard and put our souls into what we do,” Evan Rachel Wood told and added, “I

This Androgynous Model Makes the Case for Gender Fluidity

Meet Jullian Culas.
Our society's standards, by default, recognizes boundaries in fashion that separates males from females. Naturally, girls are expected to be feminine and guys need to be masculine. The times, however, have changed. And all thanks to androgyny (derived from the Greek word

His and Hers: Why Unisex Dressing is Totally Okay

Boys will be girls and girls will be boys!
“Male or female?”According to Sigmund Freud, this is the first judgment we make when we meet someone. With cultural gender norms deeply set and ingrained in our society, we have no trouble making that distinction. But if you ask me, I think

Garconne by Via Valencia

See her full Fall/Winter 2016 collection here.
As far as fashion is concerned, androgyny and genderless dressing are the season’s biggest talking points since labels like Gucci blurred the lines between menswear and womenswear. Rendering the contradicting concepts of masculine shapes with feminine embellishments into neutral staples, Via Valencia’s

5 Ways To Be Geek Chic

It's manly style with a femme touch. Know how to get this androgynous geek chic look.
You know what they say, “Intelligence IS sexy.”Channel your inner geek through androgynous layering and a muted earthy color palette. Here are five ways to cop this geek chic style:1. Accessorize with a sleek and stylish laptop.ASUS Zenbook UX303To cop the geek chic

Androgynous Dressing

We borrow dressing tips from the guys for five looks you can try!
Gone are the days when short and tight was on trend. Now, we focus on the interesting combination of new silhouettes and tailored pieces that make an effortless casual look. Borrowing from the boys is not a foreign thing nowadays, may it