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Check Out This Cool New Way to Tie Your Shoelaces

Zig-a-zig ah!
Shoelaces aren't something you intentionally think about. They simply exist to keep our kicks in place and we never really give them a second thought—until now. Aimee Song's got a styling trick that's moving our gaze down, down, down...all the way to

Our #PreviewInLA Snapchat Diary with Aimee Song and Liz Uy

Our cover shoot in 240 seconds.
We're still hungover from #PreviewInLA, but good thing we saved all our snaps (read: Snapchat-obsessed) from our recent trip to the US where we shot our July cover girls Aimee Song and Liz Uy. We compiled these in a four-minute video for your

A Sneak Peek at Our July 2016 Digital Issue

We talk voyeurism, #YouthPegs, and exclusives from Karlie Kloss, Kylie and Kendall, and Margaret Zhang.
It's July again, the month where we zero in on the people, places, and trends that made waves online and eventually hit it big in real life. That's why it's more than fitting to have two cover girls who've dominated the Internet

#PreviewInLA with Aimee Song and Liz Uy

Here's what happened behind the scenes during our July cover shoot.
A flight before dawn, a layover at the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Hong Kong, a comfortable stay at the The Line Hotel, photos by the Hollywood sign—#PreviewInLA was a whirlwind of fashion-filled fun!We flew to the City of Angels a few days