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Now's the Best Time to Get Into Journaling and Here's How to Start

No pressure, just a whole lot of fun and fulfillment.
Given the enhanced community quarantine, I guess you could say we’ve been pretty tethered, at least spatially. Millions of people are forced to stay home, prompting a boom of online instructional content on how to best spend our time. Yet, there exists,

A Curated List of Books to Cuddle Up with During Quarantine

Time to carve out a reading nook!
Now's the time to reawaken the dedicated bookworm you were in high school.Seeing the responses we've received on our Instagram post asking readers for content inspo during the quarantine, we've decided to do a list of book recos! We've rounded up books

What Notebook to Get for 2018, According to Your Personality

For those obsessive note-takers.
Let’s be real—there’s nothing quite like using a notebook and pen as you write down thoughts, ideas, tasks and basically anything under the sun. Whether it’s for work or for personal growth, keeping a notebook is the best investment you can get

How to Start Journaling Like a Pro

Learn the basics!
Keeping a journal is a personal and unique experience. You don't have to be a world-class artist to do it well and to keep a good one, because it's all about the thoughts on the paper and your satisfaction as the author.

Style Bible 100: 25 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow

From OOTD queens to foodstagram aces, the must-have accounts to follow in the Philippines.
Where would we be without Instagram? If not for the social media app that’s got everyone snapping photos, hashtagging, and double tapping, half the stories on our site would cease to exist. It gives us a peep into the lives of others