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Make Your Own #ImAPreviewGirl Drink for New Year’s Eve!

Here’s the recipe for an It Girl cocktail.
Create something bubbly for New Year's eve that's both chic and tasty. Here's a special Preview drink called "It Girl" from ABV's Lee Watson that you could totes DIY just before the fireworks. THE "IT GIRL" COCKTAIL1⁄2 oz Citadelle Gin1⁄2 oz G.E. Massenez

You Need a Password to Get Into This Bar

Order cocktails that are perfect for the #ImAPreviewGirl.
If you're planning to try something new with your girlfriends or your beau this weekend, we recommend a round of drinks at ABV (short for Alcohol by Volume). This speakeasy bar, owned by Lee Watson and Patrick Cuartero, is a cozy place for a bubbly night