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5 Makeup Looks You Should Totally Try This 2020

Experiment with bolder looks, why don't you?
If one of your New Year's resolutions was to experiment more with makeup, we've got you! We know it can be intimidating to try intricate eyeshadow looks, bold lipsticks, or bright blushes, so we collected the coolest yet easy looks you can cop.

Here's How You Should Be Wearing Cropped Tops in 2020

They're sassier than ever.
Whether or not you're comfortable with exposing some skin every once in a while, there's no denying that cropped tops have become somewhat of a mainstay in fashion—the piece is just reinvented every season. Recall: in yesteryears, we used to wear (gulp)

6 Fashion Trends That Might Fade Out Soon

You should probably ditch these in 2020!
The year 2020 is officially in motion. We've just ended another eventful decade and left behind some excess baggage along with it—no to toxic people and things, right? Well, in the spirit of moving forward, might we suggest you be guided by

Here's a List of All the Long Weekends in 2020

Ready, set, plan those vacays!
We still have two months left in 2019, but it never hurts to plan your 2020 ahead. As it turns out, the upcoming year is full of long weekends and holidays, which means you have a ton of opportunities for an extended