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This All-Black, 2000s-Inspired Collection Is Made for the Classy Hubadera

Chic, sultry, and aughts-inspired? Count us in!
There's no denying that noughties fashion has circled back. With a plethora of trends that defined the 2000s coming back—think platform heels, hair clips, pleated mini skirts, low-waist anything, blinged out pieces, and everything denim—the seemingly once gaudy yet fun years of

8 Fashion Trends from the 2000s That Are Cool Again

After seeing Y2K-inspired fits all over our social media feeds, we think it may be time to properly welcome this decade anew.
After the short return of the ‘80s and ‘90s trends, we all know what’s coming next—the early 2000s. Largely characterized by some very bold yet admittedly questionable styling choices, we’re pretty sure we’ve all held a number of reservations against this fashion

Scrunchies Are Back, and Here Are Cool Ways to Wear Them

Remember your childhood's go-to hair accessory?
Remember those fluffy fabric hair accessories you used to wear back in grade school? If you still have them stashed away somewhere by any chance, then you better take them out of hiding, stat—because FYI, scrunchies are officially stylish again!While they do fade

Decoding the 2000s Style

Remember Britney’s VMA Denim dress?
The aughts weren't too far back. In fact, Dawson’s Creek, Blink-182, and Abercrombie & Fitch are still pretty fresh in our memories. But perhaps what is truly unforgettable about the 2000s is its colorful explosion of style and sartorial choices that still govern

#throwbackthursday: Noughties Trends Worth Bringing Back

Let's take it back to a time not so far away for this week's #TBT.
The ‘00s may have been just four years ago but for someone like me, it seems like a lot to look back on. Being the youngest in the team, I grew up watching the kids of The OC, The Simple Life, and