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Kylie Verzosa's Pink OOTD Inspired By "Mean Girls" Is So, So Fetch!

She channeled her inner Regina George in this cute yet hubadera look!
The Y2K fashion trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, what with celebrities still dressing in pieces that harken back to the early aughts. One celeb who recently channeled her inner Regina George was Kylie Versoza, who sported a sultry Y2K-inspired look for

This All-Black, 2000s-Inspired Collection Is Made for the Classy Hubadera

Chic, sultry, and aughts-inspired? Count us in!
There's no denying that noughties fashion has circled back. With a plethora of trends that defined the 2000s coming back—think platform heels, hair clips, pleated mini skirts, low-waist anything, blinged out pieces, and everything denim—the seemingly once gaudy yet fun years of

5 Must-Have Fashion Items You Need to Achieve the Trendy Y2K Aesthetic

Here's a quick guide to recreating the trendy Y2K 'fit.
Given fashion’s cyclical nature, getting a blast from the past is never a surprise. And following the ubiquitous return of Y2K trends, this seems to be the current era we’re living in. As the year 2000s was accompanied by the prosperous boom

8 Fashion Trends from the 2000s That Are Cool Again

After seeing Y2K-inspired fits all over our social media feeds, we think it may be time to properly welcome this decade anew.
After the short return of the ‘80s and ‘90s trends, we all know what’s coming next—the early 2000s. Largely characterized by some very bold yet admittedly questionable styling choices, we’re pretty sure we’ve all held a number of reservations against this fashion

These Fashion Experts Want You to Handle the Revival of Y2K Style Wisely

J.Lo got the 2000s revival right. But are you ready to wear jeans so low-rise they show your crack?
In between the Friday night high of the Preview Best Dressed party and the Pinoy pride-inducing appearance of Hannah Locsin on the Gucci runway on Sunday local time was the surprise of Jennifer Lopez’s walk at the Versace spring 2020 show. Wearing