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Work Wear Diaries: Congressional Spouses

Style Bible turns the spotlight on the spouses of the members of our House of Representatives.
Most politicians keep a high profile and are almost always in the public eye; however, on numerous occasions we also take notice of their better halves. So today, we’re turning the spotlight on the wives of some of our Congressmen.Not known to

Work Wear Diaries: The Zombettes

Mia, Ornusa and Sanya show us they’re just as stylish behind the turntables as on the runway.
It’s hardly coincidental how the awesome threesome known as The Zombettes pick up a record then get everyone on their feet while in awe of the leggy trio inside the booth. Mia Ayesa, Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith, model-DJs, easily draw one’s

Work Wear Diaries: Katherine Cheng

The woman behind K & Company proves that real style is ageless.
I admire women who have identified a style that works for them, and that’ll safely see them through their 20s, 30s, right up to their 40s and beyond. There are a number who understand that it’s not what you wear, but how

Work Wear Diaries: Kaye Garcia

The retail owner lets Style Bible take a peek at her closet.
Today, we turn the spotlight on mom-preneur Kaye Garcia. We admit, it came as quite a shock to find out that she already has three kids what with her svelte figure, baby face, a pair of smiling eyes coupled with a very

Work Wear Diaries: Dimples Romana

This gorgeous multi-hyphenate shares about her personal style and tips on dressing!
Dimples Romana is a working mom, she's in Showtime every morning, does a couple of print shoots and taping for shows in between, plus she also spends time helping her daughter with her school work and bonding with her husband. She's really

Work Wear Diaries: Georgina Wilson

Take style notes from a day in the life of Häagen-Dazs' new brand ambassador.
What’s a day in the life of Georgina Wilson like? Well, if you don’t follow her every move on Twitter like many of us, you should know that this multi-hyphenate’s work schedule is packed with pretty amazing things. One day she’s interviewing

Work Wear Diaries: Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc.

The young urbanites stay hip wearing their favorite British high street brands.
This week’s style-loving stars of Work Wear Diaries are a fresh breed of young urbanites who fancy colors aplenty, as opposed to the neutral palette of the corporate world. The girls of Robinsons Specialty Stores, Inc. (RSSI) are certainly not amateurs, though,

Work Wear Diaries: Marcie Linao

The marketing head throws in some fun, feminine, and classy elements to her work wear.
Some may find it easy to paint the magazine industry as an enclave for anything and everything glamorous, luxurious, in and it. But really, behind every page and event, there are hardworking individuals who may have perfectly styled lives yet are able

Work Wear Diaries: Erin Campos

The statuesque stylista shares her uptown fashion sensibilities.
Erin Campos always gets noticed without her trying hard to do so. Style-wise, this mestiza admirably knows how to make everyday an occasion. You'll spot her with cascading waves and outfits that highlight her enviably fit figure. Chiseled features notwithstanding, Erin’s passion

Steal Her Style: Christine Escudero

The voice teacher shows us how to wear vintage pieces with a modern twist.
Published in Preview April 2007.Christine Escudero is an old soul, fashion-wise, that is. “My grandma greatly influences my dress sense. I adore her clothes so much I have them copied!” says singer and voice teacher. She loves to mix modern clothes with

Work Wear Diaries: Nikki Luna

The social advocate and artist makes a whole lot of difference in society and rocks her jeans at the same time.
I wouldn’t dare say we live in a nation where the youth are deemed apathetic. It’s heartening to know that many have been actively participating in advocacy campaigns but there are those rare individuals who are leading the pack. One of them

Work Wear Diaries: House Of Laurel

House of Laurel welcomes Style Bible into their fashionable home.
Home, indeed, is where the heart is. It was, to say the least, the ambience one feels the moment she steps into the House of Laurel. Only, it is not quite a residence but a shop that the Laurel family runs.House of

Work Wear Diaries: Stephanie Zubiri

We love her cooking and her chic sense of style!
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; but if a woman is beautiful, stylish and can cook all at the same time, any man can easily fall head-over-heels in love with her. I might as well say I’m describing

Steal Her Style: Camille Villar

Take a peek at the real estate heiress’ wardrobe.
While Camille Villar, the unica hija of Congresswoman Cynthia and Senator Manny Villar, is busy proving her mettle in the family’s real estate company, we're busy watching her wardrobe. While she is quiet and unassuming by nature, her style choices speak loudly

Work Wear Diaries: The Women Of Sm Ladies Wear

Meet the stylish girls behind SM Department Store’s Ladies and Teens sections.
It’s not so much a secret anymore that some of Manila’s most stylish dash to SM Department Store to shop for—and perhaps take advantage of—its, I say, colossal selection of clothing apparel, shoes and accessories at very, very friendly price points.Since the

Work Wear Diaries: Jacqe Yuengtian

Expect a mix of immaculate tailoring and updated classics in the closet of this beauty brand manager.
If she lived in the 1970s, she’ll probably look like one of those Chloé girls in the adverts—big, poufy hair, camel trousers and a proper Parisian blouson—someone who walks the high street with confidence yet with the sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice vibe. Senior Brand Manager