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Jing Monis And His Muses

A closer look at the celeb hair stylists' roster of clients and their cuts.
Jing Monis is a name that is as well known in the beauty world as his star studded clientele. Servicing the hottest of it-girls, his Greenbelt 1 salon has become a favorite for the likes of Georgina Wilson, Carmen Soo, Anne Curtis,

Bang-ed Up

The return of the fringe.
[previous|page|next]Bangs are always a tricky subject matter. A good fringe can totally transform your look, while a bad one can leave you having to grow out an awkward cut for months on end. But despite the slippery slope, we've been coveting with

Celebrity Cuts

Meet the hair stylists behind some of Manila's hottest celebrity styles.
From Farrah Fawcett's feathered 'do to Jennifer Aniston's chunky "Rachel" layers, having a great head of hair is significant when building any celeb's image. But behind every iconic haircut is an iconic hair stylist, whose expert hands can create magic. So for