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This Local Brand Crafts Sustainable Handmade Jewelry for Every Filipina

Namì gives you your own story to tell through their one-of-a-kind timeless jewelry.
It seems best friends Cath Sobrevega and Ina Tirthdas have been attached at the hip since childhood. It shows in the comfort and ease in which they move within each other's spaces while getting their photos taken, one perfectly balancing out the

Behind The Brand: Nix Designs

Proving passion can be turned into profit, fresh grad Nica Eustaquio shares her eye for accessories.
Nica Eustaquio began her love affair with accessory-making in college. As a UST student taking up Interior Design, she had a natural affinity for a beautiful aesthetic. She began selling her pieces to her classmates and teachers. After completing her education, she

All That Glitters

Stuck in Manila these holidays? Cheer up: Casual-chic French and Italian jewelry brings you that extra sparkle.
Fairy lights around the city, everyone in a festive mood, parties galore—it really is the most wonderful time of the year, and even more so when you’ve got some extra frosting to take things up a notch. After you’ve ticked off your

Nicole Whisenhunt: Kitana

The accessory designer presents a spirited, edgy new collection.
Accessory designer Nicole Whisenhunt cut the ribbon—no, she slashed it completely off—from her latest pieces in her newest collection, Kitana. The collection's title describes "discipline, intelligence, love, and perseverance" in Japanese.According to Nicole, "Kitana was initially inspired by Japanese elements such as

JoaniquÉ By Malou Romero: Cosmic Collision

Raw jewelry straight out of the sky.
Malou Romero's latest collection for her jewelry brand Joaniqué is galactic in inspiration. Called Cosmic Collision, she sought the heavens for the concept: stars, planets, and comets roaming the galaxy, crossing paths, and eventually colliding with one another.The result? Precious stones strewn

Joyce Makitalo: Darhata

The jewelry designer serves up a small but sweet collection of her raw and bold pieces for summer.
Jewelry designer Joyce Makitalo continues as a favorite of ours as she gives us yet another array of bold, spirited pieces. Her Darhata collection was created for Manila F.A.M.E., the trade show organized by CITEM and Josie Natori. Inspired by the works

Paul Syjuco: Deux Yeux

Decadent jewelry inspired by the famed gems of the Mughal dynasty.
Last week we reported that jeweler Kristine Dee collaborated with her good friend and fellow designer Paul Syjuco on Deux Yeux, a two-part jewelry collection that presents their respective takes on ancient court jewelry. Paul focused on the famed jewels of the

Kristine Dee: Deux Yeux

Sparkle this summer with this jeweler's latest pieces!
Jeweler Kristine Dee partnered up with fellow jeweler and good friend Paul Syjuco last year to produce Deux Yeux, a collaborative jewelry collection launched in Firma. Translating directly to "two eyes" from French, the collection is the two designers' take on jewelry


Jewelmer and Dunhill’s Dragon trinkets for the lunar new year!
The year of the Black Water Dragon has officially begun and many are trying to imbibe the luck that’s set to come with it. And if you’re looking to carry a talisman that’s not strictly of the Feng Shui variety, two brands

Joyce Makitalo: Non-saint

Russian and religious inspirations for the accessory designer's latest collection.
Accessory designer Joyce Makitalo never fails to give us showstopping cuffs, rings, earrings, and neckpieces in her signature quirky and chunky aesthetic whenever she has a new collection out. Her pieces provide that eccentric splash of style that punctuate any outfit, be