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Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Jewelmer’s Noël Pendant gets a redux in time for the holidays.
Diamonds are forever, and so are South Sea pearls. If you missed Jewelmer’s edition last year, now’s your chance to finally get your very own Noël pendant that will go perfectly well with your Christmas outfits! Set in a newly designed 18-Karat


Jewelmer and Dunhill’s Dragon trinkets for the lunar new year!
The year of the Black Water Dragon has officially begun and many are trying to imbibe the luck that’s set to come with it. And if you’re looking to carry a talisman that’s not strictly of the Feng Shui variety, two brands

Rhett Eala: Celebrating 20 Years

The fashionalistic designer celebrates two successful decades in the fashion industry.
Manila's finest came out last night to celebrate fashionalistic designer Rhett Eala's 20th anniversary in the fashion industry. And no other than President Noynoy Aquino was in attendance, fêting the acclaimed designer most known for his My Pilipinas collaboration with local retail