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The 50 Best and Game Changing Beauty Products We Tried in 2020

These have changed our beauty routines for the better, and now, it's time for them to change yours.
2020 wasn't the best—actually, scratch that, it might be one of the worst years we've had in a long, long time. We don't think we need to delve into why, because the last thing all of us need right now is even more

Preview Girls' Choice Awards: The Best Beauty Products of 2019

Check out the best beauty products that our Preview girls have tried this year.
Every year, we make it our ultimate mission to find the best beauty products on the market. While we sometimes come across those that fail to make a lasting impression, what keeps us going are the unique eureka moments, when something surpasses expectations and just

Preview Girls' Choice Awards 2018: Best in Skincare and Hair

Real reviews from real Preview girls.
In 2016, we gave our long-standing tradition of Preview Beauty Awards a major makeover. Rather than sounding off on our beauty picks ourselves, we passed on the mic to real Preview girls and had them share their thoughts on the products we know and love. Hence, the Preview Girls' Choice

Look We Love: Anne Curtis

How does she do it? We round up the national sweetheart's not-so-secret beauty tricks.
Her adoring public has labelled Anne Curtis as the Philippine's National Sweetheart. The rising star has conquered almost everything, from endorsements, magazine covers, movies, teleseryes, social media (she's one of the most followed people on Twitter!), and to even music too (Her

Nature + Technology

Davines solidifies its brand with its latest hair care line, NaturalTech.
For us girls, hair care is just as important as skin and body care. Some of us are even overly meticulous about it that we tend to splurge on several products and services just to give us the best tresses. And while

Finding The Right Shampoo For Your Hair

Sunsilk makes life a little easier with seven specialized shampoos to suit your needs.
Using the proper shampoo is often overlooked when settling into a haircare regimen. Although a flat-iron, hair spray and volumizer can obviously do wonders to achieving your desired look, choosing the right type of shampoo that suits your needs can set the