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Fashion Gift Guide: Kris Kringle

Our fashionable picks for this year's fantasy Kris Kringle.
You'll know when the holiday season is upon us when the first round of Kris Kringle starts! The excitement of finding the perfect gift for a certain theme mixed with the holiday rush can spell confusion, but worry not, Style Bible lists

All About Dad

Gift suggestions for the most important man in your life.
Every girl has a love-hate relationship with men. From love at first sight to heartache, we all been down the rollercoaster of exhilaration to disappointment. But throughout all the cheaters, players, liars and jerks that have come and gone, there's always one

Dad's Day

Style Bible's Father's Day gift guide
As Father's Day approaches, we turn the spotlight on our main man. We're serving up a sartorial platter of little things a father might appreciate on the one day in the year that's devoted to him. Come Sunday, Pop gets to be