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Preview Girls' Choice Awards: The Best Beauty Products of 2019

Check out the best beauty products that our Preview girls have tried this year.
Every year, we make it our ultimate mission to find the best beauty products on the market. While we sometimes come across those that fail to make a lasting impression, what keeps us going are the unique eureka moments, when something surpasses expectations and just

Garden Variety

Six scents in bloom, freshly cut and bottled.
The best tip when finding a new fragrance is to know which fragrance family you're most attracted to. Whether the woods, spices, fruity or floral, before proceeding to the dizzying department store fragrance floor, its best to come armed with knowing exactly

Benetton's Four New Fragrances

United Colors of Benetton releases four new signature scents.
United Colors of Benetton rose to fame in the 90s due to their famous campaigns featuring people of different races, cultures and personalities gracing their ads (including Rissa Samson and Tim Yap a couple of years back). Known for their preppy sportswear,

Fresh Fruit

So crisp and clean, fall's fragrance round-up is surprisingly green.