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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Contouring

Gear up for the ultimate sculpting lesson.
Although Kim Kardashian does deserve some credit for making contouring more mainstream, it's by no means a fleeting online beauty trend. Makeup artists have been sculpting faces for decades, and it's definitely one of those things that perfectly demonstrates just how transformative makeup can be. A few

15 Contour Sticks for Instantly Sculpted Cheekbones

Just swipe and blend!
Ah, contour sticks. Our toddler selves would've never imagined that we'd be wielding something so similar to crayons with as much precision and care. And yet, that's exactly what we do, drawing ourselves a slightly more chiseled cheekbone than the one we're

15 Contour Palettes That Suit Different Skin Tones

Sculpted cheekbones made easy!
Whether you’re a makeup artist or you simply love glamming yourself up, a contour palette is one of the most versatile products you need to own. Not only can it be used to sculpt your face, the wide range of color options (and finishes!)