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Personal Stylist: Bridal Underwear

What goes on under your dress is just as important as any bridal gown detail.
We've heard it all before that wearing the perfect underwear completes any outfit, especially on your very wedding day!There's no excuse for you to wear undergarments that are ill-fitting on a regular day, what more on your special day? What you wear

Bridal Style: Entourage Gowns

When choosing an entourage dress, opt for these tried and tested styles.
When people utter the words bridesmaid’s dress, people think of poufy concoctions of tulle and tackiness; in short, something you would burn right after the ceremony. But thankfully, clouds of cotton candy-pink tulle are a thing of the past and the more

The Bridesmaids Wore: Ronaldo Arnaldo

The fashion industry veteran talks about designing wedding entourage ensembles.
Fashion design veteran Ronaldo Arnaldo has had a hefty share of wedding work throughout his many years in the Philippine fashion industry. He has carved himself a nice niche in the field as a go-to wedding entourage designer who can turn into

The Bride Wore: Patrice Ramos-diaz

Get the lowdown on having Patrice Ramos-Diaz design your wedding gown.
It's no fashion industry secret that Patrice Ramos-Diaz is foremost on the minds of a lot of Manila's prospective brides when they're considering who's best to execute their wedding gown imaginings. Patrice is well-known for bringing out the beauty of blushing brides

Bridal Trial

Four real brides-to-be unveil their dream Big-Day looks.
Bridal beauty has been quite straightforward for centuries. No matter how eclectic or out-of-the-box you normally are, a fresh, beautiful face basically transcends all cross-sections as the most coveted look when walking down that aisle. And with good reason: you want to