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The Green Mile

Reggie Aquino turns vegetarian for thirty days.
I've always been a carnivore. My ideal menu consists of corned beef for breakfast, grilled liempo for lunch and some lamb chops for dinner. So when I was assigned to try being vegetarian for a month, I did imagine myself turning a

L'oreal Lash Renewal Serum

Does L'Oreal's lengthening and thickening lash formula work?
I've actually never had any problems with my lashes. With all the great mascaras out there, I've never minded having to fake longer and thicker lashes. But because I do often have eye make up on, I find that my biggest lash

Angelo Justin For Mane Depot

Testing a cut, color and treatment from Ortigas' newest salon.
Trying out a new salon for the first time is always a bit daunting. So I did what every girl in this situation would do—I brought a friend to take the jump with me. Who better to bring along than my perennial