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What to Wear to a Club, As Seen at the Preview March Launch

Say goodbye to your staple bodycon dresses.
What to Wear to a Club, As Seen at the Preview March Launch Say goodbye to your staple bodycon dresses.

Every event has an unspoken best-dressed of the night award. It is bestowed upon someone who’s made heads turn with a single outfit. But Preview remains the only exception because our entire guest-list was worthy of that distinction. We had the frontrunners of fashion for a night at Revel for the launch of the Preview March issue, and we’re recounting the trends that championed the evening.

While everyone stood out in their own right, we saw a common thread that tied the grand feast of fashion together. Contrary to the famous saying, it’s now in with the old because the ‘70s are making a comeback. We’re officially tucking the bodycon dresses tight for clubbing at the back of our closets, along with yesterday’s sky-high stiletto pumps. Times have changed and so has the partying dress code. 

Wide-legged trousers

Coleen Garcia 


Rosenthal Tee

While skinny jeans have enjoyed a long reign in fashion, we’re rightfully giving back the crown to anti-fit trousers. These pairs not only exude the bohemian spirit of the ‘70s, but are also comfortable enough to move around in at parties. And for those vertically challenged, pair them with a fitted crop top to add a few extra inches. Now who says you can’t wear pants to the club?


Mari Jasmine

Lizzie Lecaroz

If we were in the context of clubbing a few years back, we’d imagine loud and chunky necklaces as chokers. Now we’ve expanded our definition and are sticking to the sleek alternative. This season’s neck pieces add understated elegance to any outfit. You can even wear it with a flowy top or a maxi dress as evidenced below.



Bianca Guidotti

Back in the heyday of the Fort Strip, it was almost unimaginable to wear sneakers to a party. Thankfully, the bourgeoning athleisure trend has overruled this commandment. If you’re sticking to a pair of kicks for the night, pair it with fitted silhouettes for a balanced look.


Jae Pickrell

What’s in? Bras out. Partygoers no longer need to stick to their fit corsets to feel sexy. Our Preview girls are putting their dainty undergarments on full-display with a sheer blouse on top for coverage that teases the imagination. 



Liz Uy

Jeline Catt

While juxtaposing daring colors is a trend that shines bright, matching the same toned-down hues is getting just as much attention. Some fashionistas were consistent in their neutral brand by sporting nude lips, off-white pumps, and gold accessories. Despite its silent shades, a completely monochromatic outfit still stands out.

As for the rest of the party-goers, launch the gallery!

Photos by Charles Rodulfo