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The Millennial Wardrobe for Music Festivals

As spotted at Manila X Style x Music Fest.
The Millennial Wardrobe for Music Festivals As spotted at Manila X Style x Music Fest.

Millennials are market game changers. The consumer insight behind Gen Y is so distinct and influential that its created waves in art, culture, and commerce. And as the soldering heat of the sun wanes this season, we see a specific trend emerge—music festivals. Nothing captures the spirit of the youth quite like it. So much so that it’s almost become a rite of passage into young adulthood.

But I’ll let you in on a secret. People don’t always come for the music. Because the truth is, no one loses in the festival economy. Maybe you’re not a fan of EDM-laden beats dropping for six hours straight and made a last-ditch effort to come to satisfy your FOMO tendencies, but there is something about the mystical lure of these events that will make you want to relive the moment. This indie-girl fantasia breeds the total experience complete with a playful backdrop, craft beer, Aztec blankets, and a friendly crowd injected with good vibes.

If that’s not enough reason to stay, then there’s always the fashion to look forward to. Fortunately, Manila X combined these two elements of the festival phenomenon into one major event. As the performers played their tunes on the turntables, we saw the best of summer couture sashay down the runway. We took our notes from the attendees, designers, and performers alike to see what looks comprise festival chic. 



Almira Teng

Angeli Hular

Ann Umali

The culottes serve as the single commonality of all ensembles. Some pair the bottom with a classic button-down and heels for the office while the water babies put them on with their bikini tops post swim. It makes a strong case even for music festivals. More than fulfilling chic purposes, the wide silhouette and cut-off length make it a practical and comfortable choice for a day of lounging around on the grass and frolicking the hipster haven.


Loud Prints

Alisa Sazonova

Esmerald Alshamnari

Clothes that come in loud prints are the only things louder than the bass that thumps through your entire body during these events. One of the ways to stand out in the crowd (of usually over 3,000) is by wearing a printed ensemble from head to toe. Keep your look on trend and in theme with unique floral patterns that come in warm coral shades. 

Oversized Parka

KZ Tandingan


An oversized anything gets the fashionable job done without even trying. Not only does it exude effortless cool, but it protects you from the strong winds and heavy rain that may occur during the event. And if it’s too hot and humid to put on, you can always tie it around your waist to amplify the edge of your outfit. 


Stephanie Retuya

Micah Del Rosario

Veronica De Castro

You are officially entering a no heels zone. Expect that you will be navigating through a vast lot composed of grass and stones and will be making your way in a sea of people. In these cases, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes that allow you to move around without having to worry about a broken strap or a damaged heel. Sneakers not only provide physical ease and freedom, but also keep your look laidback and relaxed. 


Joma Bernardo

Denim is a summer staple. Whether it comes in chambrays, button-down skirts, or Daisy Dukes, it’s an essential of the season. When it comes to music festivals, you can opt to play it a little differently with a dungaree. And you won’t miss the first set of your favorite artist trying to decide what top and bottom you should pair together. For a creative dimension, dress up your look with accessories like a stack of bangles or a head-scarf. 


Loose Long-sleeved Tops

Marija Debelic

Music festivals always have a bohemian element to it. You can see it in the people freely dancing around, the aura of chill that exudes from every attendee, or the teepees and mats abound on the grass. Despite the nonchalant route the event takes, it’s still important to dress accordingly. Not only will loose long-sleeved tops help you achieve that, but also spare you the inconvenience of having your sweat run down your clothes.  

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Photos by Andrea Beldua