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This Filipina Instagram Model Is Proud to Be a Hubadera

Angela Martinez believes that being 'shameless' is actually a good thing.
This Filipina Instagram Model Is Proud to Be a Hubadera
IMAGE JC Cerilla
Angela Martinez believes that being 'shameless' is actually a good thing.

"You don't mind if I undo one more button?" I asked model Angela Martinez, known on Instagram as the fresh-faced, always-sexy @angelasburgers. As my hands hovered tentatively over the long denim jacket she'd brought along for the shoot, she only laughed and said, "Nope. We all have boobs, anyway!"

Confident and gorgeous, you'd never think that Angela actually started out as an experimental shoot subject. It was her sister, photographer Mandy Martinez, who first coaxed her in front of the camera as a guinea pig for a peg she wanted to tryAngela took to posting those trial photos regularly, and the rest is history. With over 70,800 followers as of this writing, it's a no-brainer to say that she's definitely been noticed...goes to show that just being yourself, no frills, is the way to go.

That's precisely why Preview decided that this girl's unapologetic commitment to dressing (or undressing!) exactly the way she feels was worth pursuing. More than the usual swimsuits you'll catch on her feed, she's got a thing for easy, fuss-free casual clothes that are wearable on a ton of levels—and you already know we really can't resist a one piece, one hundred ways concept.

We're far from the bottom line, but here it is: If anyone's ever shamed you for living the hubadera life, cancel them. Your skin is yours and you should celebrate it the way you want to! Here, Angela gets candid about why she's totally cool with baring her bod, and why being shameless is a good thing.

IMAGE JC Cerilla

On her personal style

"I wouldn’t say I have a specific style, or a name for it. It really depends on my mood, style is unlimited so I always experiment."


On why she's so comfortable in her own skin

"Being myself is the only way I feel comfortable, and most importantly acceptance. Style and skin are just physical appearance, it’s what’s inside that matters."

IMAGE JC Cerilla

On Preview's July theme, "Shameless"

"Our bodies are our own, it’s what we have. We have to be proud of what and who we are, remember there’s only one of us. Why be ashamed of that?"

On why she has zero time for hubadera-shamers

"I don’t respond to negativity, because I’m genuinely happy with how I am."

IMAGE JC Cerilla

On changing people's mindsets on the way women choose to dress

"I can’t change the way people think of me. I can only do me, and hopefully inspire other people to be themselves. What other people think won’t ever define you. Just trust in yourself, family, and above all in God."

IMAGE JC Cerilla

Produced and Styled by Yanna Lopez

Photographed by JC Cerilla

Hair and Makeup by Elisa Aquino

Assisted by Dainnie Lopez

All clothes and accessories are model's own.