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Zodiac Style: Celebrities Born Under The Cancer Sign

We round up our year-long Zodiac Style series with Cancer.
Zodiac Style: Celebrities Born Under The Cancer Sign We round up our year-long Zodiac Style series with Cancer.

As we conclude our Zodiac Style series, we focus on the sign considered as the most feminine, Cancer. They say that those born between June 22 and July 22 wear their heart on their sleeve, and based on our research, we'd like to think it's true. Referred to as the teenager of the signs, they are quite prone to major emotional mood swings which also says a lot about their clothing choices. Often based on their ever fluctuating feelings, they can go from being sporty and edgy one day to extremely girly with a vintage vibe the next. 

Symbol: Crab

Element : Water

Celebrity Sign Sisters:  Princess Diana, Giselle Bundchen, Ariana Grande, Andi Eigenmann, Iya Villania, Imelda Marcos, Solenn Heussaff


  • Have a way of making basic look interesting
  • Are big fans of vintage pieces
  • Are into soft and flowy pieces as that of water. 

Take notes from four of your celebrity style sisters and read on to find out if you're dressing the way your stars says you should. 


Solenn Heussaff shows us that sporty chicks can be ladylike too. If you’re anything like her, a way to take the sexiness down a notch is by opting for a floral crop top, an A-line skirt, and flats ensemble. Aside from white and silver, Cancers are also drawn to pastel colors.  


Cancers have a way of making plain and basic pieces look classy and interesting by the way they style themselves. Iya Villania’s laid-back style is a concrete example as she can take the combo of a denim onesie with tracksole flats from boring to cool and normcore. 


Having an appreciation for vintage, Cancers are also class acts. When they feel like taking the feminine route, a drop waist dress paired with an embroidered jacket in a nice pastel hue can turn even the edgy Andi Eigenmann from sexy to dainty.


Having the crab as their symbol, Cancers are often described as being tough on the outside, but are actually soft on the inside. Take notes from the ever classy Princess D by pairing a structured jacket(representing your shell) with a flowy dress or jumpsuit for a soft contrast. Go with your colors white and silver to stand out in that next event you’re attending. 

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